These Women Share How Powerful It Was To Be A Part Of Aurat March All Over Pakistan

By Alveena Jadoon | 9 Mar, 2018

Social media was flooded with updates about the Aurat March that happened all over Pakistan on the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2018. The impact that the even generated in terms of mobilizing women across the country can be felt after the event is over.


Women came out in the streets to claim their public space, their rights and to celebrate being a woman

Massive crowd out for the #AuratMarch.

Posted by Mohammad Jibran Nasir – Official on Donnerstag, 8. März 2018


There were lots of women from all walks of life, in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and everyone’s soul goal was same – to celebrate women


We were at the March, too and we have spoken with a few and ask them what the Aurat March represented and what the experience was like for them and here’s what they told us:


Shmyla Khan, Feminist Activist

“It is very important for women, especially young women, to carry on the tradition of political mobilization laid down by Pakistani feminists who came before us. Seeing young women show up in droves, reclaiming public spaces and enjoying themselves was a sight for sore eyes. Secondly, hopefully the march brought different women in contact with one another—across class, sexual orientation and age. This interaction is important because issues of working class women, trans women, domestic workers, and many others on the margins are often sidelined. It felt quite emotional to walk along with my sisters and know there were so many people willing to come out, be themselves, laugh, dance and support one another.”

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Umaima Ahmed, Journalist

“Aurat March was a breath of fresh air for me. It was wonderful to see women come out to not only remind people, men in particular, of their rights but also to recognize that they are humans who deserve equal opportunities in every sphere of life.”

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Hiba Akbar, Lahore based lawyer

“Someone asked me whether I think the march will have actual impact and whether the mainstream media will cover it. I said I don’t care because real change requires long term, sustained effort. It won’t happen in one day from a march. I went and was excited and all for it because I go to these things and it it gives me so much energy to see that there are others like me, all fighting our own battles.

I went because the march was ‘democratic’ — there were working class, elite, left, centrist, men women and trans folks there. All ages too. Loved that. Wanted to be part of it. A march like this sends out the message that we’re here, we’re pumped and we won’t be silenced. That’s an important message to get out there to my sister’s who couldn’t join the march — because I’d like to see them there next year.”

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Dr. Salma, Professor

It is absolutely amazing to see women come out in such huge numbers to support each other. This is the making of history right here. Look around, you can see a clear representation of the society here; men, women, kids of all ages and backgrounds. There is no one telling anyone that they cannot be here, rather everyone is together in this cause. This is one of the biggest days that women in this country have witnessed. Those who are not here have definitely missed out on witnessing the strength of the women in this country.

Source: Alveena Jadoon / MangoBaaz


Bisma Shah, Student

“I have never witnessed anything like this before. In our own daily lives, we are so engrossed in fighting the fights that we at times forget that there are so many women out there, who are going through the same struggle. Each of one us at some level is trying to break away. This March proved that we can all also be together in this fight and provide each other the backbone that we need. Every day it becomes difficult to find people to rely on, people who understand the struggle. Marches like these give me hope that we will eventually get there.”


Women’s voices have long been suppressed. On March 8, 2018 Pakistani women showed how they’re not going to shut up and take it anymore. They’re brave, they’re strong and they have a voice. These women who marched all across the country are proving that times, they’re a changin’.

I Participated In Aurat March In Lahore To Witness Women Make History And It Was So Powerful


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