21 Things You Would Relate To If You’re Suffering From Asthma

21 Things You Would Relate To If You’re Suffering From Asthma

Asthma is an extremely common breathing problem all over the world and kudos to people who display immense strength and patience when dealing with it. It’s surely not easy to live with it yourself or witness someone you love go through it, but these amazingly strong individuals do such a great job at handling it that it almost becomes impossible for people around them to tell how hard it really is.

Here are a few things anyone with asthma can relate to:


1. You have a habit of forgetting your inhaler on the worst possible occasions 

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2. Your asthma attacks decide to happen in the most embarrassing situations 

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3. You have borrowed an inhaler from a fellow asthmatic on more than one occasion 

You both know you can always count on each other.

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4. Most people who witness your asthma attack have no idea what to do 

Except Ammi, of course.

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5. You often wonder why the HELL inhalers are so pricey 

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6. You have to be careful about not laughing WAYY too much 

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7. You keep losing your inhaler and forgetting it in places

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8. You have enemies, like smokey places

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9. Humidity

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10. High altitude places

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11. Dust

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12. Strong Perfumes

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13. When people think asthma means you can’t do physical activity 

Dude, David Becham has Asthma, ’nuff said.

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14. But yeah, sometimes you do struggle with running

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15. Most of the people who are close to you have witnessed at least one reaally bad asthma attack of yours

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16. You’re so used to it now that you tell others really casually that it’s nothing to worry about

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17. You have tried to fake it as a joke and gotten a flying chappal from ammi as a result 

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18. Silence becomes even more awkward on days when you’re wheezing 

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19. You can’t afford to get too excited

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20. There are days when you don’t need an inhaler and you almost forget all about it and feel like a true achiever 

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21. But at the end of the day, you know you’ll be fine because you can handle it like a boss 

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Tag your friends who’re the strong asthmatic champions.


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