We Asked People All The Crazy Shit They Did When They Were “High” & It's Just So Much LOL

By Haadia Paracha | 18 Mar, 2017

Not to endorse getting high or anything but we’ve all heard (or personally experienced) those insanely comical situations from times we got high. One of my friends told me he started speaking in an entirely different accent while smoking on some weed. Now that’s really SOMETHING.

We asked people to narrate all the crazy shit they/their friends did while they were high and the answers are legit so much LOL:


1. “I tried to exit a second floor room through the open window.”

Source: The Carsey-Werner Company

2. “A friend of mine grabbed a cardboard and folded it to make it look like a car so that the McDonalds drive through would serve him.”

3. “I spilled my milkshake all over my shaadi dress and exclaimed in a car full of friends, “guys, I’m sorry, I think I squirted…”


4. “Called Pizza Hut DHA Lahore while sitting in Multan. Argued over why they won’t deliver. “Cantt hee toh hai”

Source: Oriental Films

5. “At 3 am, I urinated smack in front of a Bank inside a flower pot. I wonder what the security footage must have looked like.”

6. “This friend’s friend who didn’t even smoke anything but everyone else was so she was passively high, started barking like a dog.”


7. “I ate two pizzas and said, I think I should order some fried chicken in case I get hungry again..”

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8. “I wore the mask from Scream and walked around my campus late at night. I was laughing at everyone around me. Didn’t realize how creeped out people got. Almost got punched.”

9. “Washed my face with toothpaste instead of face wash.”


10. “My friend kept waiting beside a wall for 15 mins convinced a door would open.”

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11. “I puked an entire burger from Fat Burger while thinking how fresh the burger meat was and that I should eat it again the next day.”

12. “Accidentally head-butted my date at a Cheapmunks concert as I went crashing down to the floor! Great first date ??”


13. “My friend danced at Port Grand and we all encouraged him.”

Via: Tumblr

14. “Once talked to a pole, while my friend went home.”

15. “Drove home from a friend’s place at 2 am, walked into the house through the side door into the kitchen…of our next door neighbor.”


16. “My friend started acting like a legit dog and asked us all to take her for a walk and then tried calling the ambulance to take her for a ride.”

Source: giphy.com

17.  “My friend got super paranoid and kept on telling everyone to stop looking at her because she ‘didn’t do it'”

18. “A friend of mine fell off the top bleacher all the way to the floor because he blacked out.”


19.  “My friend ate an entire large loaf of dabalroti.”

Via Tumblr

20. “I was in the same room as this guy I had a major crush on. I spilled his drink. And then did pocha in the whole room, crying for him to forget what happened and I’d treat him better…we never met after.”

21. “This friend kept laughing like a maniac and then decided to drive to Gulshan from Defence.


22. “Chased a duck once in the park.”

Source: giphy.com

23. “Called my mom and said I’ll be late while sitting in my room.”
24. “My friend bitched about a friend to other friends while this friend was standing right behind. So made up a story like “I told them not to share a story with you so you also shouldn’t share it with them”


25. “Recorded my friend and myself discussing the Kashmir issue and how that has caused our parents to cut our pocket money.”

Source: giphy.com

26. Finished my friend’s Kit Kat box and then hid the box in his bathroom thinking he won’t find out. He found out and he wasn’t happy

27. “My friend who’s generally really hyper and funny. Whenever she’s high she becomes super serious and starts talking about life and philosophy. She legit calls up people and starts discussing their problems and gives them life advice.”


28. “My friend called PTCL’s complaint registration helpline and cried because the internet wasn’t working. For 37 minutes.”

Via: Tumblr

29. “Told the conductor ‘Tariq road jana hai’ while giving him the fare and came to know afterwards keh bus tou already Tariq road pay hi thi.”

30. “I thought I was dying so took a pillow and laid right in front of the AC vent all night long.”


31. “I spoke in a mixture of a horrible British/Australian/American accent for a day.”

bandwagon cricket fan sohai ali abro
Via: Tumblr

32. “I panicked once that my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets.”

33. “My friend started running towards a dog who was running away from her…”


34. “This friend of mine laughed so hard as he ate some food and then started worrying why he couldn’t stop laughing and then puked on his half eaten food.”

Source: The Carsey-Werner Company

35. “My friend ‘happy cried”

36. “A friend once had a sip of vodka while being very high and googled if she would die from the cross before she passed out.”


37. “Once we got a jumping castle for a friend’s birthday and another friend pushed me down the slide. I somersaulted and thought I died so I just lay there for 5 minutes, thinking I’d died, waiting for my rooh to leave my body…

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Cover Image via: Soham Rockstar Productions

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