Asim Azhar Just Made Some Unnecessary Remarks About Hadiqa Kiani And Now He's Apologizing For It

By Sannia Bilal | 6 Oct, 2018

Asim Azhar is one of the new faces, who rose to fame after the release of his song ‘Tera Woh Pyar’ through Coke Studio season 10. He was officially introduced alongside Momina Mustehsan.


Ever since Asim has been around, he has succeeded in maintaining a rather uncontroversial profile

Though rumors of him dating a number of ladies have surfaced time and again, owing to the guy’s good looks of course, but that’s not what we’re discussing today, folks.

Source: @asimatesaa / Twitter

So recently, Asim released a statement on his Twitter claiming to have caused distress to his fans after his stance on Hadiqa Kiani

This apparently happened when he was invited for an interview alongside Momina at ‘Tonite With HSY’.


To be very honest, we didn’t see ANYONE blowing anything out of proportion regarding the issue, even though Asim’s comment really was rather unnecessary

So it was pretty much non-existent before Asim himself brought it to light.

Source: Kripke Enterprises

We literally had to go through the entire show to figure out what Asim Azhar really fussing about.

So apparently, in a Rapid Fire round, the host asked what Momina thought about the ‘Buhay Bariyan’ star to which Momina promptly replied ‘Legend’ but Asim seemed to have a problem with it and spontaneously interrupted her to say that Hadiqa might be an icon but isn’t a legend according to him.

See for yourself:

Now, Asim’s words might not have hit a cord with social media as such, they did raise eyebrows considering Hadiqa gave us major hits like ‘Dupatta mera’ and ‘Buhay Bariyan’ at a time when women were disregarded due to social barriers and her existence as quite possibly the only female pop star in Pakistan could be one of the things that inspired so many more to step up.


Haqida is not only iconic, she is one of the most underrated musicians in Pakistan for her impact on culture and women in music

She was one of the only female singers who became our idol in the 90’s and has been showcasing a positive image of Pakistan ever since. She has had the honor to represent our country at numerous international events and continues to gratify us with her mesmerizing voice.

Hadiqa was awarded with the highest Pakistani civilian award, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, in 2006,  and was appointed as a United Nations Development goodwill ambassador in 2010.



But hey, why would all that matter? She’s just iconic and not legendary… right, Asim?

Source: Imagine Television


So yeah, thank you for bringing your thoughts to our notice and quite essentially digging your own grave. Smooth move, champ.

Have anything to add? let us know in the comments.


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