Asim Azhar Clapped Back At People Trolling TikTok Star Areeka Haq

By Noor | 27 Jun, 2020

So, by this time, we all know about Areeka Haq and Asim Azhar’s new upcoming project, right?

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The project was announced by Asim Azhar on his Instagram account where he uploaded a snap of himself sitting with Areeka Haq, the TikTok star.

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As soon as the first glimpse from the upcoming project was shared, people bombarded their social media platforms with their harsh reactions

Source: @asimazhar/Instagram
Source: @asimazhar/Instagram

A majority of them was too interested in talking about why Areeka was a misfit in the video and they would have loved to see someone else

Source: @asimazhar/Instagram
Source: @asimazhar/Instagram

This all led to Areeka Haq posting a story about depression and the trolls who force other people to suffer through such criticism

The TikTok star stated, ” Depression deni bhe hai aur phir baad main afsos bhe karna hai.”

Source: @areeka__haq/Twitter

The trolling became too intense. Asim had to intervene by highlighting the double standards of our society regarding mental health

The singer claimed that the people these days love to talk and guide about mental health and later, they are the ones who force other people to pass through similar stuff due to the negativity generated by them.

While there was so much hate for the TikTok star, a few celebrities have sent love and support to Areeka

Zara Noor Abbas, Hania Aamir, and Imran Ashraf have sent good wishes to Areeka for her new project.

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Hania also posted a story to appreciate everyone’s input in the upcoming project

She gave an honorary mention to Areeka Haq by stating that she is immensely talented and has done many variations with perfection.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram

 Saba Qamar addressed the vitriolic attacks directed at Areeka Haq and requested trolls to be kind

She stated that rude comments and the hate showered on social media can strongly impact anyone. She said that she already knows that this project is going to be a masterpiece and is eagerly waiting for it.

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People supported Asim’s stance and mentioned that all of them love his content

They sent good wishes for the new projects and advised him to stay optimistic

So, are you also waiting for the upcoming project? Or, do you have a message for Areeka or Asim? Drop it in the comments below.


TikTok Star Areeka Haq Is Working With Asim Azhar In Their New Project & I Bet It’s Going To Be Next Level


Cover image via: @asimazhar via Instagram/@areeka__haq via Instagram

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