Asim Azhar And Shah Rukh Khan Had An Adorable Exchange & It's Giving People Hope For A Collaboration

By Maliha Khan | 5 Nov, 2018

November 2nd marks the day Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan was born. He has a habit of conducting an #AskSRK session. And people ask away, waiting patiently for a reply. Asim Azhar was one of those people this time around.


Asim decided it would be the perfect day to wish Shah Rukh as well as offer to lip sync for the actor.

To make it less forward and more lowkey, Asim had added Bauua Singh would do just fine if SRK himself wasn’t up to it. For those of you who don’t understand the Bauua Singh reference, he is the character SRK is set to play in his upcoming movie Zero.

The movie is scheduled to release in December. To promote the movie, a Twitter account was created for Bauua Khan. The actor and character have quite the banter going on back and forth on their accounts, and it’s pretty entertaining, to be honest.


Okay, back to the exchange between SRK and Asim.


The singer got the following response from King Khan himself. 


Asim was slightly disappointed but decided to settle on Bauua Singh for now, but still hoping lip syncing for SRK becomes a reality one day.

Where do I even start? I’ve trying to get a response from the “King of Bollywood” for years and Asim gets one within the hour of posting his original tweet? How is that even fair? Oh well, glad to see the interaction between the two stars and a possible union in the future?


Anyway, most people started congratulating Asim on the honorary tweet from SRK.


Others were excited about this potential project just as much as we are.


But to be honest, Shah Rukh Khan even responded to EVERYONE, even Farkhan Virk so… 🤷🏽


Treat toh banti hai. Khair, what do you think about this exchange? Let us know in the comments!


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