Armeena Khan Is Being Attacked For Expressing Her Sympathy With The Manchester Attack Victims

By Arslan Athar | 24 May, 2017

Yesterday Manchester was rocked by a terrible terror attack, that claimed 22 innocent lives. Celebrities and public figures from around the world are sending in messages of support and condolences for the community in Manchester.


Among those showing support and expressing condolences to Manchester attack victims was our very own Armeena Khan.

She posted the message of love, love that transcends religion, race and ethnicity. Armeena also openly denounced the ‘Islam’ that these attackers claim to be propagating, this giving a voice to the ‘silent majority’ (as she calls it) of Muslims who believe in international peace.


People did not take to her post well at all, and it’s honestly heartbreaking to read these comments.

Some had issues with her not talking about Syria

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And others made it seem like the Manchester incident isn’t really a tragedy

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People can’t seem to get over the ‘lack’ of grief over ‘innocent Muslim deaths’

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Originally there were more negative comments, but it seems as though Armeena has deleted those, however the haters still kept coming

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There are many, though, who have come out in support of Armeena and her message of condolence

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People called the haters out on their hypocrisy

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Every tragedy is significant. Every death is saddening, and there is no point fighting among ourselves about what deaths to mourn and what deaths to not mourn.

People levied the allegation on her that she doesn’t ‘post’ about Pakistani terror attacks, and the fact of the matter is that she does.

Armeena supported Manchester because she is from there and it’s a place close to her

It’s only fair that she mourn a tragedy that affect a community she grew up in.


Despite all the hate, the support for Armeena and the Manchester community is coming in strong and it helps restore our hope in humanity


Thank you Armeena for speaking up for the Muslim community in Manchester, more power to you.

And to the community affected, stay strong together – It’s only through unity that we can rid ourselves of this menace.

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