Armeena Khan Just Brilliantly Shut Down Trolls Who Were Targeting Her Fiancé's Skin Color

By Iman Zia | 21 Sep, 2017

Actress Armeena Khan has never been one to shy away from tearing apart criticism that’s often hurled her way. More recently, Armeena was cyberbullied regarding her appearance, to which she responded with tremendous dignity. The actress recently unveiled her hushed beau of many years in a romantic getaway in Cuba, and while many poured in their heartiest congratulations, over time verbal abuse under various Instagram posts have been proliferating regarding her fiancé’s skin tone.


Armeena took to Instagram to express her dismay at the hate her fiancé, Fesl Khan had been receiving online

The actress revealed her “sad[ness]” at how the ‘Pakistani public’ hurled “derogatory” words “towards him due to his complexion.” She condemned judging anyone based on the tone of their skin and held a sense of embarrassment that Pakistanis were flocking to comment and “ridicule” someone “based on their skin color.”

My first open #Blog. #Discrimination #Skincolour #ArmeenaKhan #Sicktomystomach #Beingdarkskinnedisntacrime ?

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Armeena went on to state how “jaded” she felt having to continually speak up against hate, be it regarding her own physical appearance that has been subjected to abuse, or those she holds dear

Her love for her country felt jagged as she was disheartened by the mindset of many Pakistanis who tormented Fesl for his complexion.


The actress received an overwhelming response from fans who stood by her, with some commenting on how the ‘fair and lovely’ ideology in Pakistan was utter nonsense

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


And reassured her not to dwell on such comments

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


Because really, it’s a mindset that has been deeply embedded in society for decades

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


Many commended Armeena for speaking out

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


While others complimented Fesl and how handsome he was

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram

And while others were unsettled at the amount of racism

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


A few took this opportunity to discuss the sad state of affairs in the country

Source: @armeenakhanofficial/Instagram


What are your thoughts on Armeena’s statement?

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