17 Totally Real Moments You Can Relate To If You're Chichora AF And You're Proud Of It

By Hurmat Riaz | 2 Sep, 2017

Some people are unintentionally and unknowingly annoying. But there are few of you who are unapologetically annoying and no matter how many times people tell you you’re annoying, it just makes you smile even bigger ’cause you just love it. You wear this title like a crown on your head and you’re extremely proud of being an annoying little potato.

Here are a few things you can definitely relate to if you’re annoying yet proud of it:


1. You don’t know the definition of personal space

You keep on asking questions even when your brain is signaling you to stop. Again, you just can’t help it.

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2. But you don’t care

If you don’t do it, you regret for the rest of your life.

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3. You sarcastically tell all your friends how you’re the most decent person on Earth waiting for the moment when they’ll discover how opposite you actually are

You know how nice I am!

*everyone rolls eyes*

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4. The more someone gets annoyed, the more motivated you get to annoy them more in the future

The trick to tame people like you is to ignore your annoying behavior (which is extremely hard). Any reaction just makes them all the more hell bent.

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5. When you have to sit still you literally itch to annoy anyone with a pulse

You baqaida scan the crowd to find a potential target to annoy. And if you don’t find get sad, you get sad because you are not fulfilling your expectations.

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6. You actually enjoy when people cringe on your annoying habits

People repeatedly ask you to stop being annoying but you just can’t help it.

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7. You have actually gone all over the internet searching for pranks to pull on people

You even surprise yourself when you realize how much invested are you in being annoying.

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8. You make sure your pranks actually get on people’s nerves

You have a special talent.

Source: Hum Network Limited


9. When you find something that actually irritates someone, you never let go of it

You just subscribed to a like time of opportunity to annoy someone. It’s like your Eid!

Source: Wang Films Productions


10. You sometimes say random words to get on your siblings’ nerves

Those words don’t have to make sense. They can be as random as… “faster horses”

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11. You love sending repeat messages till the other person literally begs you to stop

Source: me


12. You love to photobomb pictures and ruin selfies

Your friends give you special instructions while taking pictures with you.

Source: theguardian.com


13. You have mastered the art of annoying people with a neutral expression 

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14. People usually don’t trust what you say anymore

Because you’re always lying just to irritate others. And then you have the audacity to ask you friends why they don’t trust you.

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15. Someone who seeks pleasure in poking sharpened pencil leads into people’s skin? Yeah that’s you

Teekaaa timeeee

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16. Sometimes people have threatened to kill you but that annoying bone in you never scares you away

You will die but never compromise on your principles of annoyance.

Source: Warner Bros. Television / Kripke Enterprises


17. But everyone still loves you because even though you’re annoying AF, you always find a way to make people smile

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Cover image via: Waqar zaka / YouTube

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