This is How Pakistanis Commemorated the First Anniversary of the APS Peshawar Attacks

By Sarmad Amer | 16 Dec, 2015

December 16, 2015 marked the one year anniversary since the horrendous tragedy that shook the Pakistani nation to its core. Not a single eye was dry and everyone, for once, was united in condemning the senseless killing of innocent children in their school. The APS kids became a symbol of our national failure and a lesson for us to forget our differences and petty disputes to unite for our future.

In order to mark the first anniversary since the angels of APS left us shameful, Pakistanis from all corners of the country marked the occasion by organizing remembrance ceremonies, duas and vigils.

This is what happened across the country:

People on twitter prayed for the lives we lost


Sentiments were the same elsewhere on social media

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People are still saddened and shocked by the event

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Special tributes were given for the brave Principal and staff of APS

These were people who had the opportunity to escape and save their own lives but they stayed behind so that they could fight for the helpless children.

327B7611-EB80-479D-9F7D-67C1BEAD89DD_cx0_cy5_cw100_mw1024_s_n_r1Source: kundisanwal Via: instagram

But the most heartening to see were people who still hoped that things could get better

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Here’s to learning from our mistakes, to forgetting if someone is Shia, Sunni, Ahmedi, Barelvi or Wahabi but to remembering that we are all Pakistani, to working together so that we can provide a safer, happier, friendlier Pakistan for our children.

Here’s to the children and staff of APS Peshawar. We should never forget, or the world will forget us.

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