A Message From the Desk of Iqbal to the Victims of APS Attack

By Haadia Paracha | 16 Dec, 2015

December 16th marks one-year anniversary of the darkest day in Pakistan’s history. Lets spare ourselves the details of this horrific massacre that claimed the lives of 141 children and changed the course of their families’ lives forever.

The countless homes that were depraved of little footsteps and sounds of laughter.

The countless homes that would never be the same…ever again.

While the nation is plunged into a collective survivors’ guilt much like the last time, let us go back to basics and find solace in the works of the legend that conceived the idea of the very place we call home: Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

Here’s to the 141 children that could’ve been:


Since you have been gone, oh you little ones, we have been immersed in this longing.

A longing 1
Aik Arzoo (A Longing) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal


The wounds are yet to heal, the pain is still anew.

A longing 2
Aik Arzoo (A Longing) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal

Your loved ones haven’t been able to let go, the retribution isn’t complete.

A mother's dream 1
Maa Ka Khwaab (A Mother’s Dream) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal


In the heavens you must be, but we can’t help contemplate all that you could’ve been.

A mother's dream 2
Maa Ka Khwaab (A Mother’s Dream) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal

If only the terrorists could have seen, how frayed their concept of morality had been. The God we hold dear could never be so cruel.

Shikwa 1
Shikwa (The Complaint) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal

Those barbarians served their own agendas, they were never a part of us and never will be.

shikwa 2
Shikwa (The Complaint) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal


Let us continue to wage this war against all those who threaten the very freedoms we have fought so hard for; Pakistan is destined for greatness.

A child's prayer 2
Bachay Ki Dua (A Child’s Invocation) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal


Here’s to hoping and praying that something so tragic never befalls anyone else in the world.

A child's prayer 1
Bachay Ki Dua (A Child’s Invocation) – Bang-e-Dra by Iqbal


Images Source: IqbalUrdu Blogspot

Cover image via: souqjawal.com

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