I'm Applying To Universities Right Now And Honestly, Yeh Kya Torture Hai?

By Owais Bin Asad | 24 Aug, 2018

As a fresh secondary school graduate, my main responsibility now is to get into a “good university”. Before now, all I had to do was to pass one class (with good grades of course) and then just start the next one. There was no “ab kia karna hai?” This situation is quite different. Applying for different universities, the struggles I have to go through right now aren’t new and you probably have had to deal with this stuff too. Let’s go!

Firstly, the dreaded Entry Tests.

Why? My question is very simple. Why? Why do you want to re-evaluate my academic abilities when I just finished four years of secondary school and I HAVE A CERTIFICATE TO PROVE IT! Matlab kya milta hai aapko? Meri masoom shakal pe 12 bajay hoay dekhna acha lagta hai?

In my opinion, entrance tests shouldn’t even exist. Our education boards need to figure their shit out and resolve their disputes. The student shouldn’t have to prove him/herself again just because you don’t trust the other board. What are you, seven?!

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Then suddenly my grades aren’t enough anymore?

Chalo le lo test dobara. But since I want to opt for Computer Science, I’m having to deal with engineering universities telling me that ALL the hard work I did for the past four years…is worth only 25% of my total entrance score. So like…all of it…means nothing to you? Kuch tou khayal karlo.

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Apparently, there’s a massive sea of “opportunities”.

When it comes to picking a university, you have a ton of choices. From recently established institutions offering really promising courses to old and time-tested ones offering…the usual stuff. The sudden change in academics plus the overwhelming amount of universities can really blow you back.

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Logon ke mashwaray aur naseehatain.

Don’t you just love it when relatives force their opinion on you? Best feeling ever. Apparently, some universities aren’t “socially acceptable”. Why is that even a thing? “Nahi beta, wo university theek nahi hai.” “Uhhh, kyon aunty?” “Bas beta mein ne keh dia na. Ye wali ziada achi hai!” How about you tell that to YOUR kid when his time comes, eh?

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The problem of ever-increasing fees.

You can’t just get admission to a university because you like it and you’ve got the marks, you have to keep your parents in mind too. Even though my parents will tell me not to worry about it, the huge fees some of these institutions charge are outrageous. So like I should sell one of my kidneys, aik semester tou ho jaye ga.

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Even though they’re educational institutes, the information provided on their websites is never enough.

I’ve seen many universities that claim to have “the best engineering course in Pakistan” yet their website looks like someone took me back to 1996. These sites don’t even have the complete information sometimes. This causes a lot of trouble for the student who’s already very pressurized.

And when you call them to ask about it, they either keep redirecting you to some other department or force the conversation to an end as soon as possible. Mujhy samajh nahi aa raha, do you want me to get into your university or not?

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In the end, all the hard work comes down to the final merit list.

So you’ve got pretty good marks in your secondary school exams and in the entrance exam. You can really see yourself in that institution. You’ve even got all your friends hyped up. The stress of waiting for the merit list is real. You spend sleepless nights doubting your abilities. Phir merit list lag jati hai. 

Turns out you didn’t make the cut. Why? Because someone managed to score 99% marks this year and shifted the whole merit up by like a hundred positions. Itny ziada number tum ne qabar mein le ke janay hain?

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These were some of the things I had to face while applying for different universities. Do you want to add to this? Maybe you’ve got some interesting story to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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