13 Annoying Things Pakistani Girls Hear Once They Graduate From University

By Maha Butt | 31 Mar, 2018

Graduate from University and it’s a whole new world for you, ladies


University life may be all about friends, books, stress, and grades but it’s a time we all cherish for the rest of our lives. However, as soon as one graduates university, a new fiasco begins – especially for girls in their mid-twenties. Just like the clock struck at twelve for Cinderella, girls too are sometimes expected to accelerate into a new life, once they are handed their degrees.

There are 13 most common things all girls would hear as soon as they graduate:

1. Beta ab wazn kam karo, tumhein shaadi ne karni kya?

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The constant nagging about weight loss from all your family members and immediate rishtaydaar is one instantaneous problem. The idea that “I am happy the way I am” as scripted doesn’t really work for our society or family. Your close ones, relatives, teachers, and even strangers will bully you over it no matter what. Sadly, Pakistani society still needs to learn that body shaming has drastic effects – and is not cool.

2. Kuch khana banana hi seekh lo aage kya karogi? Saas ke taane sunne pareinge.

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The recipe cookbooks open and Masala Channel gets the highest TRP’s. A girl is expected to carve herself into the next Chef Shai, Zakir, Rahat, Shireen Apa, Zubaida Apa and Mehboob Khan combination.

3. Beta agle ghar jaake kaam karna parega na lag pata jayega!

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The constant reminder of domestic help not accompanying you in susraal is a massive eye roll. Marriage is not the answer to everything!

4. Beta dua karo saas achi mile warna zindagi azaab hojayegi.

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The fear of a mother-in-law being a vamp of a daily soap is visualized.                        

5. Bas koi shareef ghar ka ladka mil jaye.

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Your mother officially starts the search to find the perfect dulha, whilst you crush on celebs.

6. Beta job nahin karni offices ka mahaul ladkiyun ke liye acha nahin hota.

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When a boy says ” Jee main job dhoond raha hoon”, the immediate response would be“Koi nahin beta Insha’Allah mil jayegi!” On the contrary, girls are constantly told that the work environment is full of predators.

7. Bhala paise kamane ki kya zaroorat hai, hum par bojh ho kya?

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But, sometimes earning money is to appease oneself and attain self-confidence. This mindset will always remain a hurdle for all the career-oriented women out there.

8. Friends: Degree zayaa karni hai kyaa??? Apna career banao!

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Friends start to give you their own advice and suddenly you don’t know who to listen to.

9. Relatives: Ab aap bhi apni beti ke liye rishta dekhna shuru karein. Yeh sahi time hai shaadi ka, apne farz ada karke surkhuru hoon.

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Now this statement at any wedding rings the security alarm for parents. Ghazala to Farzana’s sons are evaluated and the resultant rishta list transpires.

10. Family: Time guzar raha hai, bas iss saal shaadi karni hai tumhari!

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This alarm clock waking you up every morning and shall ring till dawn. The fear of the famous piano ballpoint and nikkah papers emerging anytime giving the jitters.

11. Doston ke tou bache bhi hogaye!

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When parents receive the news of your friends’ weddings, pregnancies, and children the taane get worse.

12. Aur parhna hai taubaa, agle ghar jaake karna ab jo bhi.

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Alas, when you tell them about your MPhil or Ph.D. dreams. Masters karlia hai kaafi nahin hai kya?

13. Bahir parhne jana hai? Tauba. Mian ke saath jana ab bahir phirne bas.


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When you disclose your plans of studying abroad to parents, their suggestion of future mian taking you on a nice honeymoon destination pops the bubble. Akeli ladki bahir nahin bhejni, zamana bada kharab hai!


Conclusively, we need to understand that getting married isn’t the sole purpose in life. There are things beyond marriage that complete you as an individual and shape your personality, personal growth, and development. Building a career, having an active work life, and shattering glass ceilings in the male-dominated society are indispensable.

Advice to all the bachelorettes out there is to set some goals in your life. Plan your life for the next five years. Exposure, traveling, experience, grooming oneself, learning a new art, entrepreneuring, developing a balanced social life, reading, and working all build your self-concept.

Explore yourselves because there’s a lot that hasn’t been seen. Embrace your girl power!

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