There's Now An App To Help Pakistan's Transgender Community Tackle Violence Against Them

By Sajeer Shaikh | 8 Jan, 2018

Incidents of violence against the transgender community are no longer anomalies. Pakistanis have a long way to go before they accept transgenders as a functioning part of society as a whole.


According to a recent article published in The Express Tribune:

“There were at least 208 cases of violence recorded against the few people who identify themselves as transgender in K-P last year. At least five members of the community were also murdered in the province in 2017.”

In times like these, the protection of our transgenders become all the more imperative.

They’re humans who deserve equal rights and should not be ostracized for being different.


Therefore, the announcement of an app to protect the transgender community is a breath of fresh air. 

The ‘Trans Muhafiz’ app aims to empower the transgender community to fight against the whole culture of violence that is used to silence them.


It’s the brainchild of Blue Veins.

Blue Veins, is an organization “born out of a need for information, activism and grass root organizing towards the empowerment of women and other socially isolated groups.”

Talking about the app, here’s what Qamar Naseem, the Programme Coordinator at Blue Veins, had to say:

“The app is first of its kind in Pakistan, unique and simple to use in case of emergency, which can be easily downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. An online violence reporting system will create a more empowering reporting experience for transgender survivors, provide authorities with better evidence and data on violence, and facilitate the identification of repeat perpetrators.”


The app is supported by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI.) It was launched at the Peshawar Press Club On Friday. 

The app is said to include a list of emergency contacts who are notified in times of impending danger. The online reporting system includes the sending of one’s location, text messages, pictures, videos, and voice messages.

Via Google Play

With the number of cases that are reported each year, such an app is a wonderful way to help tackle violence. It shows how there are Pakistanis working tirelessly for the preservation of a stigmatized community. Therefore, such initiatives restore our faith in humanity. Let us hope that the transgenders living amongst us are a whole lot safer. moving forward.

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