Here's Everything You Need To Know About Biryani University Before Applying To Become A Biryani Expert

By Maham Sozer | 8 Jan, 2018

Recently Biryani University announced that it has opened admission applications for it’s inaugural batch of graduates


Here are a few things you should know before applying to this pinnacle of culinary academia:

The Biryani Campus:

BU is a sprawling lush campus in suburban Karachi with modern buildings and the smell of Biryani (the real kind, with aloo) wafting through the hallways.

“Students love to walk around the Biryani campus, leaving trails of uncooked rice in their wake and clouds of haldi in friendly food fights.”

-Professor Yasser at Biryani University

Source: Biryani University


BU offers unparalleled resources to the Biryani community, including a two-story Library containing the oldest volumes on the art of Biryani making from the Mughal era.

Source: Biryani University

The Biryani student experience is characterized by unlimited possibilities. And after graduation, students join the Biryani Alumni Association which includes nearly a million alumni worldwide.


We reached out to current students to share some advice with the eager applicants:

“I recommend bringing a solid backpack, since you will have to carry a lot of rice and spices. Sometimes, the laal mirch gets in my eye. But it’s worth it :)”


“Choose the Biryani degree you love and you will never have to study a day in your life.”- Some guy in a beanie


“Follow your passion. Jaisey main LUMS chhor kar BU aya hoon kyun k Lahori Biryani main aloo nahi daaltay. Gosht bhi khotay ka hota hoga.”


“This is the perfect place for Memon girls who aren’t allowed to study. My family lets me come here because this way I can prepare for a career AND a marriage at the same time.”- Anonymous Memon Girl


A true Pakistani knows that Biryani is not just a dish. It’s a state of mind. BU respects this and that is why it doesn’t just teach you how to cook Biryani; it teaches you much more: how to be Biryani.

Source: Biryani University


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