This Powerful Pakistani Cartoon Is Breaking The Stigma Around Menstruation Through Humor

By Aqsa Rizwan | 15 Aug, 2017

Angry Girl is a Facebook page that’s led by two boys and a girl. The idea came from the realization that sanity napkins were not sold online. In a country where most people aren’t even comfortable talking about menstruation, the idea of Angry Girl came into being.

Angry Girl is the super woman all desi girls have been waiting for.

Via Facebook/Angry Girl

A portion of the page is dedicated to confessions about menstruation. The best part is that these confessions are posted in a comedic manner.

Angry Girl is the perfect example of how comedy can be used to convey a particular cause. The page also tends to highlight and focus on other issues most girls face including the “wrapping your dupatta or jacket around your waist” or can’t-wear-white moments.

Via Facebook/Angry Girl

The Facebook page doubles as a service that provides sanitary napkins within 60 minutes to any location in Karachi. Still don’t believe Angry Girl is a super hero?

Via Facebook/Angry Girl

Angry Girl tackles various issues through hilarious graphics as well.

Additionally, the team at Angry Girl plans to expand their domain. They intend to enlighten people about other feminine issues as well. They hope to make the internet a more open space to talk about such topics.

Via Facebook/Angry Girl

Their posts are super relatable.

(Seriously, this though. The accuracy.)

Via Facebook/Angry Girl

Moreover, the message ALWAYS hits the nail on the head.

Via Facebook/Angry Girl

What is your take on this? Are you team Angry Girl? What is an issue that you think Angry Girl should talk about next? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover image via Angry Girl/Facebook


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