Shahroz Sabzwari Is Having A Meltdown Right Now And Honestly It's Harder To Watch Than His Movie

By Iman Zia | 15 Aug, 2017

You have to hand it to Shahroz. His catastrophic film, Chain Aye Na was panned by critics and audiences alike, yet the actor is determined to defend the unfortunate faux-pas until his last dying breath. It’s done with archaic technology, and MangoBaaz even went to watch the movie.


Many criticized Shahroz for taking such a project but his dogged determination to promote his film is rather admirable

Enjoy! Dimaagh pay ziyada zor na dalain ? @hipinpk

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Shahroz went out on a limb to defend a scene whereby which he slapped his love interest, relaying that ‘in obsession, many lovers end up doing so many things’

He went on to say that he’s glad he’s ‘proven [himself] as an actor.’

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The actor took to Instagram to post a (rare) positive review of Chain Aye Na 

He screenshotted a review of the film by Facebook user Sara Abbasi who said ‘a whole bunch of friends’ had ‘enjoyed it thoroughly.’ She went on to appreciate all the ‘hard work and the effort that goes into such productions.’

Source: @shahrozsabzwari/Instagram


Shahroz captioned the post with a message to all us ‘pseudos’ and compared himself to…Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor defended critics who called his character out on slapping his love interest in the film and pertained it to the fact that he wasn’t ‘gora,’ unlike Leonardo – who’s ‘ill treatment towards women’ was allegedly dismissed. He later deleted the post.

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Alright son

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Have you seen Chain Aye Na? What did you think of Shahroz’s statement?

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