An Intern Has Claimed That Frieha Altaf Harassed Her And Frieha Has Responded

By Nai Dulhan | 19 Jan, 2019

Earlier this week, Media Sciences student at SZABIST and Marketer, Neha Kewalramani, came onto Facebook to rant about her internship at the famous event management company, owned by none other than the vivacious, bold and very popular CEO and media mogul, Frieha Altaf.


Neha started off her rant by stating that she was in disbelief, since she was standing up and actually talking about the alleged ill-treatment that she and many others received at the company, by none other than Frieha Altaf herself.

**RANT**I never thought that I will take such bold step against someone. But I had to because Chup beth Ke kuch nai…

Gepostet von Neha Kewalramani am Freitag, 18. Januar 2019

She went onto say that there was no point in staying “chup” about the matter, because, “Chup bath ke khuch nahi milta” and that it is high time that one needs to show their true worth to people.

Neha explained how she landed the internship at Catwalk Event Management and Productions, and how she considered herself lucky to have landed the spot, although she had heard only bad things about Frieha Altaf.

Neha was pretty clear when she stated that Frieha Altaf she treats her employees like “animals and slaves”.

Source: Pakistan 360 degrees

Moreover, Neha stated that Frieha would often scream at her, and she never replied back, even when she was allegedly insulted multiple times over the tiniest things.

Neha finally conjured up the courage to come and share her story on Facebook so that she could unveil the alleged reality of the powerful CEO.

In her email, Neha addressed Frieha Altaf, to inform her that she was resigning from her post as an intern at Catwalk on “ethical grounds”. She went onto explain to Frieha Altaf, exactly why she was taking such an action.

Source: Very Filmy

Apparently, Neha was hired to work as a Social Media & Content Manager by Hashtag Magazine, but she was constantly assigned the work for another event that was undertaken by the company. Moreover, Neha was allegedly never given a proper work place to work in and was always short of supplies.

Neha also stated that she was emotionally and verbally bullied by Frieha Altaf herself, for work that was not even her responsibility in the first place.

Source: Neha Kewalramani/Facebook

Neha seemed rather upset, and apparently tried to make Frieha realize that all people and employees deserve their due respect and that as their CEO, she had no right to treat them like this.

Neha also reminded Frieha Altaf that under the “Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act (2010), Frieha’s behavior could be termed as harassment. 

Source: Neha Kewalramani/Facebook

MangoBaaz reached out to Frieha and she had another side of the story to tell. Here’s what she said:

“Rather unfortunate and sad that a young, inexperienced intern should turn to social media rather than talk to her line manager to express her views. The intern is a young lady who is supposed to report and submit her work in a timely way. Bypassing her manager, she would directly submit her work to me which naturally was not always up to mark. She was hired by the manager, not me.”

Source: Style On Paper

Continuing regarding the matter, she said:

“Interns do not get official desks as they are temporary. The lady in question did not complete her work on time, came and went as desired. When her work was done well, she received appreciation as well which she forgets to mention. No employee is pressured to stay. If the environment of an event company is highly stressed and not suited to their personality they leave. Most young people who have no experience in a work environment only see the glamorous side of our events.”

Source: Ebuzztoday

As for the part where Neha alleged that Altaf’s employees were treated like “slaves”, Frieha stated the following:

“A slave is someone who is owned by someone and not paid for services. My employees work very hard, long hours as is the nature of our job. That is what our clients expect from us and appreciate. My employees are exceptional. Some of them have been with me over 15 years. I’m a perfectionist and I drive them to be the best they are. Many have gone on to open their own businesses and many have come back on their own will.”

She capped off her statement by wishing Neha well.


Well, it’s all pretty messy. What do you guys think about the whole fiasco? Let us know in the comments below.


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