Iqra Aziz's Hot New Look Is Getting Trolled So Heavily, She Had To Speak Out Against The Massive Hate

By Arslan Athar | 18 Jan, 2019

Iqra Aziz, as you may all already know, is one of our favorite girls. She is quirky, bubbly and oh so fashionable. Since her time in ‘Suno Chanda’, the actress has grown quite a bit, not only in acting but also in terms of her public persona and image. She’s been doing a wide variety of ads, there were some, where she’s your everyday pretty girl, and others, where she has taken the ‘rock’ side of things.


Iqra’s most recent photoshoot definitely shows a new side that we haven’t seen too often. 

Iqra is seen sporting a fierce red smokey eye, with sleek combed back hair.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity or a model in Pakistan has posed with such a fierce and unique look. You would think people would be okay with this kind of stuff.


This picture has over 5000 comments so far, a new high for Iqra Aziz but for all the wrong reasons. 

Most of these comments are purely hateful and just mean.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


It was like the aunties of Instagram descended on the post.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


I think this comment reaches new heights of rudeness.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


‘Literally’ has just lost all meaning. 

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


Really? Trolling ki koi hadd nahin hoti. 

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram
Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


*sends laanat endlessly*

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


As a reaction to all the hate, some fans were sending their good wishes to Iqra.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram



‘Just ignore them’- sounds like good advice.

Source: @iiqraaziz / Instagram


Iqra Aziz took to her stories to react to all the hate comments.

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#IqraAziz shared her new look with her fans but as usual people started hate comments and attacking her personaly on her picture!! last night she posted this story and it breaks my heart . Log comment likhne se pehle kuch sochtay kiyo nahi hain ? she is an actress and model she is doing her work to entertain her fans, chalo dosray accounts per un ke fans nahi magar celebrity ke apnay personl account per to un ke apnay fans hotay hain so why so much hate and personal comment for your own fav celebrity to whom you follow for her work and profession ?? Okay we can understand fans have right to Express their likes and dislikes but there is a certain way and words to Express your opinion if you dont like any thing simple say " this look doesn't suits you " or " this look is looking perfect on you " magar yahan to ese ese words use kiye jatay hain jis se sirf comment krne walay ki jahalat aur narrow mentality and upbringing pata chalti hai. Think before speak it shows your own personality not others . #stopcyberbullying

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There are going to be a lot of times in life where you see something you don’t like, and there’s no problem with that. The problem arises when you become rude in your expression. Celebrities are people too and are vulnerable to human feelings too, just in case you did not know. Breathe out the hate, breathe in a little empathy.


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Cover Photo Courtesy: @iiqraaziz / Instagram

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