Looks Like Amir Khan FINALLY Ended the Phadda Between Faryal and Fam. Ab Sab Theek Hai?

By Arslan Athar | 13 Jun, 2017

Now we’ve all heard of susraali drama, and well as times have changed so have the nature of these phaddas. December 2016 saw quite a HUGE scandal drop into our lives, and in the center of it all were Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom.

It all started when Faryal unleashed scathing allegations that her in-laws were abusive and not welcoming of her at all.

She even went as far as to say that Amir’s family forced him to leave her while she was expecting their child.

Source: Faryal Makhdoom

For a moment there it seemed as though no matter who you were, where you lived or what you did for a living, the same old madness and susraali phaddas were going to prevail. One would hope that being so exposed to the world would open minds but we were horribly horribly wrong.

People responded well to her speaking out about her abuse and problems at home

While some people just live to see the world burn

Some of the stuff she said was really disturbing.

“When you force your son to divorce his wife, when she’s nine months pregnant. And your son doesn’t…and he sticks beside his wife. He’s called a pussy?”

Like any ‘good’ in-laws, Amir’s family responded and that too in full force.

Coming through as the typical HUM TV nund, Amir’s sister refuted all the allegations against her. But modern, 21st-century twist, she did all this on Snapchat. While Faryal chose to not pose for selfies while talking about her issues, Amir’s sister, Mariyah, chose to use the (at the time) new flower cap filter to express to us how innocent and sweet she was.

Source: Mariyah Khan

Ye sab choro, Faryal then took this fight to a WHOLE.NEW.LEVEL and she shocked everyone. 

In case you don’t remember / don’t know about this, be warned…

Faryal took to snapchat (again!) and uploaded a NAKED PICTURE OF HER BROTHER IN LAW. She did this to highlight the hypocrisies of her in-laws.

(The greatest mystery so far is why she even had this photo in the first place. Then again, by this time everyone had established this family is completely bonkers, so maybe all of us just chose to not question it, I don’t know, this still baffles me)

Source: Daily Mirror

Right before this picture came through, Amir’s parents went on television to ‘clear’ their name. According to them, Faryal wouldn’t listen to them despite their ‘calm and peaceful’ ways of talking to her. They didn’t like the way she dressed or appeared in public. Classic bahu gone wild case.

(Side note: Hello! Your son got married to a model and Instagram personality. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT. Makai ki roti and saag?) 

Anywho, Faryal had to publicly apologize for that snapstory and immediately took it down.

After this whole fiasco, she gave a TV interview where she said she would love to get back along with the family. In the interview she said:

“I would really like for all of us to get along. It wasn’t our choice for them to move out. They wanted to move out and Amir supported them in that. It would be nice for them to eventually get on with us. I always tried and I will always keep trying. But I don’t know how possible that is, especially being in a marriage for three years and not having great communication.”

Then we heard absolutely nothing on this matter…….

Till Now

Source: AmirKingKhan // Instagram

Oh My Goodness. Thank The Lord


Amir Khan has since taken this post down for reasons we may never know (but ah-ha we screenshot-ed it). Why tho???

Anyways, according to the Mirror’s article, the boxer reached out to his father, and the duo watched the Pakistan vs India match together. Aww, what a perfect way to bring a family back together (if only Pakistan had won the match but that’s a different story).

Here’s hoping all this drama is finally over and that we may never have to open Snapchat and see shirtless pictures of Amir Khan’s brother.

Cover Photo Courtesy: Just4Info

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