Altaf Bhai Just Broken All Gender Roles With His New Role In The Kitchen And People Are Loving It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 2 Aug, 2018

You obviously know who Altaf Hussain aka Altaf Bhai is.


He is a Pakistani politician and founded the Mutahidda Qaumi Movement. He lives in the UK after he escaped from Pakistan in the 90s when authorities were cracking down on his party.

Altaf bhai was a menacing figure in Pakistani politics. He is a fugitive from the Anti Terrorism Court of Pakistan on charges of murder, terrorism and more. But now, no one really takes him seriously.

Lately, all we know him for is his telephone conferences which give us great gems from the MQM chief. We have so many different videos and pictures of Altaf bhai, which to be honest, are even funnier out of context.


The man is funny even without trying.

aik pappi idher, aik pappi udhar

GoPakistani.Pk like karne walo ko ..aik pappi idhar, aik pappi udhar 😀

Gepostet von GoPakistani.Pk am Montag, 13. März 2017


He is a national treasure, tbh.

Even though he’s not really a national or treasured anymore 😛😛😛


So recently, images of Altaf bhai cooking have surfaced.

There is no explanation for why he was cooking, what the occasion was; there are just pictures which have cropped up and honestly, we’re not complaining.

With just a few images, Altaf bhai has shattered all gender roles.

Source: mirzalalbaig via Facebook


Source: mirzalalbaig via Facebook


Source: mirzalalbaig via Facebook


 With just making qourma he has shown that men can step into the kitchen as well

Some people are even debating what he’s cooking… is it quorma or Biryani?

Source: mirzalalbaig via Facebook


 I would pay GOOD MONEY to taste this qourma.

Source: mirzalalbaig via Facebook

Altaf bhai is truly iconic. By stepping into the kitchen he has effectively paved the way for thousands of other Pakistani men to do the same.


And of course, this is on its way to becoming a meme, too


It’s time other men take a note out of Altaf bhai’s book and follow suit. Would you like to be invited to Altaf bhai’s house for qourma? Let us know in the comment.


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Cover image source: Facebook via MirzaLalBaig

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