All The Times You REALLY Need Your 4G To Work Super, Super Fast

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Apr, 2019

We’re literally the internet generation, we have seen the beginning of a great era – with our 52Kbps dial-up modems, to the super fast Telenor 4G networks that we have right now. So much so, that we cant even think of spending an entire day without seeking help from the world wide web at least once a day.


But despite of all of that, there are SO many instances in our lives that we desperately need a super fast network. Serious life and death matter, you guys!


1. When the Barat is at the gate and your DJ doesn’t have the song? You need to whip out your phone to stream that perfect entry!

All thanks to the sweet 4G Telenor upgrade.


2. When you need to show a bangin’ meme to all your friends 

Via Telenor

3. When you’re hella bored at a dawat and need a tiny getaway – WhatsApp your heart out and get the hell out of that dawat.

4. When you have an assignment due at 12 and you realize you gotta send at 11… Yeah, you need that fast network to get you there!

5. When you must get to somewhere and you’re lost…

Via Telenor

Maps to the rescue!

6. When you’re on the go and Pakistan-India ka match live stream karna ho


7. When things get a little boring on a sleep-over and you decide to Netflix the night through!

8. When you need to post some super cute stories of your recent vacation ~

Via Telenor

Snapchat and Insta game needs to be strong, y’all.

9. Gamers can relate to this on a personal level 

10. Making sure you’re a part of your best friend’s big day from miles away!

No matter what the situation, a speedy 4G connection will definitely help you live your best life. With Telenor 4G Speed, your phone has the capability to do all this and more.

Let us know of a time you needed 4G fast internet in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Telenor Pakistan.


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