All The Times These Pakistani Men Have Worn Jewelry Better Than Women

By Arslan Athar | 25 Feb, 2017

Pakistani women and jewelry are an inseperable combo. But now the zevar scene is changing because men are stepping into the game and stuff is getting intense! For whatever reason men haven’t been allowed into the party, but they’ve made their space and you will be wow-ed!

Let’s take a look, and boys get some inspiration

Rehan Bashir is giving us all types of goals!

WOW!! Kudos to your confidence. Love this look

And you thought you had a ring collection, boy are you wrong!

#turquoise #silver #moreismore #obsessed #ring #jewelry #lahore #pakistan

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Next up is Yousuf Bashir Qureshi!

He might just bring the pagdi back into fashion

With the talented team of #3d #3dprinting #YBQ #lifeatCommune #pakistan #Karachi

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Jewelry just become rugged and manly AF

Abbas Jafri

The thirst is real!


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Yup, my watches are so freaking average compared to this!


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Is that an anklet! Woah woah woah

#AJ #Abbasjafri #Commingsoon

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Saieen Zahoor takes the love for jewelry to a sufi level


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Ah, he makes it look so good! And he even carries it so very well

Join us for an intimate evening with #Sufi legend #SaieenZahoor Friday June 20 in #Surrey

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Saieen Zahoor sahab you sing well but you issstyle well too

With the legendary likes of Akhtar Channal and Saieen Zahoor ??✨ #CokeStudio #AkhtarChannal #SaieenZahoor #HadiqaKiani

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Shehrayr Munawar Siddiqui

Well he isn’t as explicit with his jewelry but the peekabo effect he does IS SO SEXY OMFG

Burning the midnight oil… Take two!

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Breathe in, breathe out, calm down

#livecricket100% with H&S. Pak vs India , are you ready Pakistan ??

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Arey wah!

To #moped rides around #positano

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Ali Rehman Khan

He teases us with his earpiercing. And oh boy it’s great!

Ms. Mentor, a piccha please. #AliRehmanKhan #HareemFarooq

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And like his fraand Sheheryar Munawar, peekabo necklace game on!


Zayn Malik 

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Ring goals (and muscle goals)

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Bling bling walay jackets. Like wow

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Hasnain Lehri, just because, that’s why! 

Jaw Drop

Malang mode: ON


Rizwan Haq

Smoking and jewelry, how about yes! (Smoking is injurious to health)

This man just doesn’t stop smoking, huh!

My cigarette smoke and me

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Listen you guys, why can’t more people be this stylish

Anyone missing?




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