Alia Bhatt Said Kashaf Was Her Inspiration For ‘Kalank' And Sanam Saeed's Like ‘Hayeeeee'

By Arslan Athar | 9 Apr, 2019

Alia Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Kalank’ has been creating a lot of hype with every little teaser and snippet from the film as it is released. The pre-partition saga promises to be full of that Bollywood touch of glamor and glitz. Among all the things getting people excited for the movie, Alia Bhatt’s character, ‘Roop’, is one of them. This is the first time we will be seeing Alia taking on such a character, and acting in a period play.

As the film approaches its release, Alia has been doing the media rounds and her most recent interview is particularly interesting. 

According to the actor, the film’s director, Abhishek Varman, had asked Alia to watched some particular films and shows to prepare for her role. Among those was Pakistani drama, ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. In her interview, the actor said, “Abhishek asked me to watch ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. The character of the girl (Kashaf played by Sanam Saeed) in the show is very much how Roop will deal with the situation. She has responsibility on her shoulders so she is not always a happy person. She is vulnerable yet strong. It is difficult (to bring so many) layers – unhappy, vulnerable and strong to a character.”

Source: Dharma Productions


She couldn’t have described Kashaf any better. Kashaf is a young girl who had to grow up and become a pillar of strength for her family. She had to face a lot of struggles but her dreams and her aspirations kept her going. The character of Kashaf was multi-layered and conflicted. She would try to be happy, but her anxieties and fears would get the better of her. Sanam Saeed very beautifully breathed life into this character and carried all her qualms, anxieties and pressures so effortlessly. It is this aspect of Sanam’s acting that Alia Bhatt seems to have drawn inspiration from.

Source: HUM TV


This interview spread fast, and of course, the news reached Sanam Saeed herself. 


Fans of Sanam Saeed (and Kashaf) gushed over the news. 


Sanam has definitely set the bar for this role really high now.




And people couldn’t stop praising and lauding Kashaf, and ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’. 



This just goes to show that art and film have no borders and that we can all learn from each other. Since we cannot officially watch the movie here, in Pakistan, all we can do is wish Alia Bhatt and the entire ‘Kalank’ team, the very best for their upcoming film.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: Dharma Productions and HUM TV

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