People Are Seriously Pissed That Ali Zafar Was Named The Sexiest Pakistani Man Of 2018 And We Agree

By Iman Zia | 14 Dec, 2018

So, famous U.K. weekly publication ‘Eastern Eye’ just revealed the results of their yearly, audience voted poll for the ’50 Sexiest Asian Men’ for 2018. Ali Zafar became the sexiest Pakistani Man, beating Fawad Khan, Humayun Saeed et al.


The editor of the magazine, Asjad Nazir revealed a glimpse of the top eight ‘Sexiest Asian Men’ for 2018, with Ali Zafar placing eighth as the sexiest Asian

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram


Ali even took to social media to celebrate the achievement

Source: @ali_zafar/Instagram


Zayn Malik made it to number four while Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor made it to 3, after taking last year’s crown as the ‘Sexiest Asian Man’ of 2017


The fact that Ali Zafar made it as the ‘Sexiest Pakistani Man’ has pissed off a lot of people, given the fact that he was accused of sexually harassing Meesha Shafi

People are particularly enraged that Ali is being given the prominence without the investigation not having concluded, yet. When Meesha Shafi made her allegations regarding the sexual harassment she allegedly faced at the hands of Ali Zafar, people couldn’t fathom it.

According to the last updates, the case had been dismissed by the Punjab Governor because it didn’t fall within the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010 because she was not an employee under the Act’s definition.




Via Tumblr



Source: SYCO


Regardless, people are seriously pissed off Ali Zafar made it to the list


What are your thoughts on the musician-turned-actor making the list?


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