19 Times Ali Xeeshan's Extravagant Designs Proved He's A Designer Like No Other

By Arslan Athar | 19 Sep, 2018

Ali Xeeshan has been at the top of the Pakistani Fashion Industry for a while now. His designs are just to die for and his fashion shows are perfectly theatrical and full of drama. The man keeps us on our toes, as each collection is as grand and fantastic as the previous ones. Over the years, Ali Xeeshan has made our jaws drop and here is a roundup of all that designs that caused us to go totally gaga.


He couldn’t make us look away from some of the pressing social issues surrounding us


Following this, in 2016, he pulled off one of his grandest shows ever and everyone was in awe

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Ali Xeeshan never shied away from making a statement 

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Colors and florals were and are his best friends, and the way he uses them are just phenomenal 


All of his designs tell the tale of extremely hard work, attention to detail and passion 


His editorial spread type photoshoot is equally as impressive.


He is able to fuse vintage designs with loud colors and prints, and yes, it looks just as beautiful as it sounds 


When men are given some extravagant clothes to play around with

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He doesn’t just dwell in ghagras and sherwanis, he can keep it simple, yet still be making waves 


Ali Xeeshan has definitely experimented with different cuts and putting together very different design cultures together 

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Let’s be honest, very few Pakistani designers would think if using green like this 


What makes his designs all the more beautiful is the fact that he pays homage to the tradition and the passing along of heritage and culture through clothes and fashion


Very few come close to where he is, design and concept wise 


He continuously wows, not only with how he bends the rules of fashion but with the grandeur of how he presents his lines.


What I love most about this designs is that he’s not afraid to big prints, that too a lot of them 

His reinvents the motifs he uses in each design line, making each collection different than the last 

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MAHTAAB Bridal couture 2018 I peeked a glimpse of him for the first time at the nikkah ceremony as he had been surrounded by the men of my family while the women sat around me in warmth. The love I had captured in my heart ever since I learnt about this magical feeling was celebrating in silence in my heart. My destiny was sealed beautifully. Concept and styling: @alixeeshantheaterstudio & Team Photo magic: @irfanahson Hair & Make-up: @nabila_salon Jewellery: @hamnaamirjewelry Model: @samannawazyahya . . #alixeeshanbride #alixeeshansignature #welovefashion #timeless #regal #alixeeshanbride #alixeeshancouture #bridalcouture #bridalcampaign #oldworldcharm #pakistaniwedding #vintage #royal #weddings #madewithlove #trending #traditional #cultural #heritage

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Recently he’s been seen adding a western flair, yet still sticking to his fashion roots 


He balances his western looks with tributes to the essentials of desi fashion


No one quite does desi bridal like Ali Xeeshan


What do you love the MOST about Ali Xeeshan’s designs and his collections? Let us know in the comments 🙂

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