Attention Please: Ali Sethi Is Collaborating With The Musical Genius Behind “Narcos”

By Iman Zia | 25 Jan, 2018

Ali Sethi is a marvel for Pakistani music. His mellifluous traits have projected him on the forefront of a new dawn of Pakistani music. While his fame sprouted from Coke Studio, with hits like ‘Umran Langiyan’ and ‘Tinak Dhin,’ the musician has always beaten to the beat of his own drum, with a number of dulcet melodies close to home.


‘Mahi Mera,’ an earthy collision between Ali and folk veteran Jamaldin

The crisp music video was directed by filmmaker Umar Riaz, as the song depicts ‘hijr-o-malal,’ which translates into a longing for a beloved. The song was shot in Jamaldin’s village Hussaingarh, with lyrics in both Saraiki and Urdu. Another great  was ‘Chan Kithan,’ starring his sister Mira Sethi, and was a darker Punjabi take on Pakistani taboos that have strung around our society.9


Ali has now confirmed that he’ll be working with renowned music producer Noah Georgeson, the man behind the theme track for ‘Narcos’

Source: NBC


Noah Georgeson is a Grammy-winning musician and producer who rose to fame after producing and mixing the Narcos theme tune, ‘Tuyo’

Noah was nominated in 2016 for a ‘Primetime Emmy Award For Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music’ and holds three Grammy awards for his work. ‘Tuyo’ is a ‘Bolero,’ a genre of slow-tempo Latin that stem from both Cuban and Spanish roots.



The Netflix web series was an instant success and has quickly become a credible cult drama, and is both a critical and commercial success

‘Narcos’ is three seasons down, and has already garnered a significant fan following. The television crime drama opened as a retelling of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar who becomes an overnight millionaire through a successful cocaine distributing underworld.

Source: Gaumont International Television


We can expect a blend of Sethi’s Sufi influence with elements of Noahs more contemporary sensibility

Ali spoke to publication ‘Something Haute’ and expressed his desire for their work to ‘tell the stories of who we are as people.’ He proudly explained how his ‘diverse heritage,’ had shaped him and whittled out his ‘strange and singular journey in music.’




He admitted his ‘personal anguish over the state of [his] country’ and the various ‘languages [he] speak[s]’ as aiding his musical introspection

Ali emphasized the necessity to transcend borders and work in a more fluid environment, saying ‘I feel we live in a world that needs dialogue across borders of every kind.’


Source: Coke


Are you excited about this collaboration?


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