15 Reasons Why Ali Rehman Khan Should Be Your Next Big Celebrity Crush

By Sarah Babar | 15 Sep, 2017

Ali Rehman Khan is one of the best-known faces around town, right now. With two movies under his wing, four drama serials in his arsenal, and two awards in his bag, he’s well on his way to taking over the Pakistani scene completely. But do we know enough about him? How is he this talented? How did he pull off both Suhayb Bakhtiar Khan (Diyar e Dil) and Daniyal (Janaan)?

That’s what we’re here for. And while we’re not probing into his traveling habit, we at MangoBaaz, sat down and spoke to the main man himself and got all the scoop we were looking for.

So here’s everything you need to know about Ali Rehman Khan

Source: Pakistani.pk


1. Ali Rehman has wanted to be an actor since he was 9

He always had his mind set on becoming an actor (at least as early as him being 9 years old). He “never wanted to grow up to be a doctor or an engineer or a pilot or a scientist”, but he always knew that he had to become an actor.

Source: Incahoots Films


2. He literally wanted to grow up to be Superman

“I think it was because I wanted to grow up to be Superman. I am a huge Superman fan and I just loved Christopher Reeves as Superman. It was when it all became real, and I was fascinated with it. I think that’s where it started, the obsession with acting”

Source: gifloop.tumblr.com


3. Ali Rehman loooooves his chai. Literally just one of us

Does the guy get any more perfect? I don’t know, you tell me…coz he just did..He’s a “big chai person,” they even made a short film about it. Hum tau pehlay hi kehte hain, Dogar ki chai is the best solution to any and every problem.

Source: Incahoots Films


4. And he cuuuute

Source: theblushworks.com

MashaAllahhh ~


5. He’s been in some crazy short films

Source: InCahoots Films

Like Gol  Chakkar that came out in his initial acting days


6. And this music video

Source: Yasir Jaswal Films

These Islamabadis sure know how to stick together, btw


7. And this super dark full-length film that will mess with your head (watch it once you’re done reading the article, okay?)

Source: Usman Mukhtar Films

We take no responsibility of this film messing with your head…


8. He was offered a television deal only on the basis of the trailer for Slackistan

Source: Big Upstairs Films

Yeppp, you heard it right, just the trailer!


9. And then this adorable series full of sweetness

Source: Usman Mukhtar Films

Ali Rehman made quite an appearance in Usman Mukhtar’s 10 Ways To Sweetness, and it was funnyyy!


10. Janaan was his first feature film

Source: IRK Films

And it went on to become one of the biggest films to have come out of Pakistan. According to Ali Rehman he was

“blown over the fact that “people owned Janaan as their own, a Pakistani product that they can be proud of. That kind of support is what is needed for our industry, and it is not unachievable!”. It also reaffirmed my love for film.”


11. He played a character 30 odd years older than him, in “Diyar e Dil”

Source: HUM Network

Husband of Hareem Farooq, father of Osman Khalid Butt, the man played his role to perfection!


12. His role in Yalghaar was literally last minute and he did it out of love and respect for the director

Source: HUM Network

He made a cameo appearance in ‘Yalghaar’ and still was one of the strongest screen personas. It was one of those characters that don’t leave you even after you’ve left the theatre


13. He actively tries not to choose the same role twice

Source: @slackistanthemovie / YouTube

He said he loves challenging himself and picking up roles that he hasn’t touched upon before, and that’s evident in his reel of work. As an actor, Ali Rehman is constantly looking to challenge himself and do roles he hasn’t touched upon before. It helps him grow and make him nervous about his work.


14. He has another film coming out and it looks prettyy good, already ~

Source: IRK Films

He told us that the ex-Janaan team has turned into a family of sorts, where everyone working together is friends who look out for each other, creating a comfort zone. Working with actors he’s already worked with and actors whose work he appreciates and enjoys makes him feel “very lucky to be a part of such a diverse and talented cast and crew.” And while he couldn’t give us a date for when we’ll see more of ‘Parchi he also hinted that it won’t be too long till we get the first look.


15. Did we mention how cute he is?

Silver ☁️? #alirehmankhan #Vienna

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Cuz wow…



We love Ali Rehman Khan down here at MangoBaaz and we wish him good luck for all his future projects!

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