There Were Rumors That Lost Ali Express Packages Were Being Sold At Sunday Bazaar So We Did Some Digging & Here's What We Found

By Fareeha Akhtar | 16 Sep, 2018

About four years ago, Ali Express blew up.

It became a haven for our nearly empty wallets and we discovered that people actually got the packages they paid for. Pakistanis don’t trust online deliveries, and that too, from other countries. But soon everyone around us started ordering from Ali Express.


I remember my first Ali Express order. I begged my mum for her credit card, and then called up the bank to ask if Ali Express was safe. With reassurance from the bank, and my mum’s permission, I placed my first order for a phone case and waited four weeks to receive it. Waisi khushi aaj tak nahi hui!

Lekin, jab khushi milti hai tou dukh bhi hota hai! Some of our packages never get delivered to us, which isn’t a huge loss because the website works through escrow which means we get our monies back.  Magar yaar yeh packages jaatay kahan hai?!


Recently, this image went viral about lost/undelivered Ali Express packages being sold in Itwar Bazaar, Islamabad.


Even Faysal Qureshi, the actor, tweeted about it!

The photo was originally taken by Talha Saleem.

We got in touch with Talha and he told us that he found out about the stall after a friend posted about it on her private Instagram. Naturally, he went to Sunday Bazaar to see it for himself, and he wasn’t disappointed.

Talha told us that most of the packages were addressed to other countries, and a few were for Pakistan.

The shopkeeper told him that he got a delivery of 1000 packages that day. And umm, Pakistani bhi tou hain na! The slightly more expensive items from the packages were being sold at a higher price, for profit. With the number of queries that Talha was getting, he decided to put up a Facebook post.


However, Talha also warned us that since the picture has gone viral and people have contacted authorities, the stall might not be there by tomorrow.

Edit: Since a lot of people are now asking details about this picture and stall so here is the story.A friend of mine…

Gepostet von Talha Saleem am Freitag, 14. September 2018

Aur isskay baad, hamnay apni research ki!

I sent my sources to check the legitimacy of the entire thing, and they didn’t disappoint. The stall exists and it’s like an adult version of the lucky draws we used to do in school festivals. Except this time the money is yours and the gifts include electrical and kitchen appliances, not barbie pencil cases, and dolls.

A large amount of the packages do not belong to Pakistan. Instead, they’re addressed to people in Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, France, etc. The packages also have a vague description and their value written on them.

However, the shopkeeper was adamant that Pakistan Post is not to be blamed.

Additionally, according to my sources, the authorities had visited the stall in the morning and had found nothing out of order.

The reason that these packages end up there isn’t really Ali Express’ fault or even Pakistan Post’s fault, apparently. This is a common practice all around the world and even companies like Amazon partake in it since the cost of returning parcels is more than simply discarding them.

Talha Saleem also received an update from the Assistant Superintendent at Pakistan Post who said:

“The matter has been investigated. This mail does not belong to Pakistan Post, addresses are not for Pakistani customers, seems these have been purchased from out of the country as refused articles and then imported as second hand material.”

Now that you have proof and official word on the legitimacy of this, what do you think? Have you been to the stall? Tell us in the comments.


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