Aleema Khan's Son Shahrez Khan Just Graduated From University Of Oxford And The Whole Family Celebrated With Joy

By Noor | 15 May, 2019

It’s almost that time of the year when a lot of students will receive their degrees or they will soon attend their graduation ceremonies as the academic year wraps up. One recent graduate who celebrated with his family is Aleema Khan’s son Shahrez Khan.


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew just graduated from University of Oxford in the UK

Shahrez Khan, the Oxford graduate we’re talking about, is the son of Aleema Khan who is the second eldest sister of Imran Khan.

Source: Shahrez Khan


The graduation ceremony took place in Sheldonian Theatre located in Oxford, England.

Fun fact: Shahrez’s mom Aleema Khan is also an MBA graduate. She graduated from LUMS back in 1989.

Source: Shahrez Khan

While talking about his degree, Shahrez says, “I have over 10 years of experience in Supply Chain Management. I currently run my own Supply Chain Management company that works with the hospitality sectors in Australia, Singapore, and the US. I aspired to an MBA from Oxford to learn about strategies for business diversification, to better understand and take advantage of technology innovations, and to connect with Oxford University’s extensive global network”

Shahrez has also talked about his co-curricular activities by stating, “On a lighter note, I am part of the Said Business School cricket, swimming and cross-country teams, and an avid high-altitude trekker/mountaineer.”


His wife also attended his graduation ceremony and the couple looked extremely stunning

Source: Shahrez Khan


Even Jemima Khan couldn’t help but appreciate the couple

Via: Facebook


Everyone at the graduation ceremony looked cheerful and the pictures that have surfaced are so beautiful

The family members looked extremely happy as they all celebrated in joy.

Source: Shahrez Khan

Congratulations Shahrez on graduating from his dream university and here’s wishing all the other students a very spectacular end to your academic journeys.


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Cover image via: Shahrez Khan

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