17 Reasons Why Aiman And Minal Khan Are Literally The Cutest Twins You'll Ever Come Across

By Sarah Babar | 31 Oct, 2017

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are possibly the most – actually, they really are the most sought-after pair of twins in the Pakistani media industry. They came, we saw and they conquered us all, completely out of nowhere. Watching the two interact with each other will not only make you miss your own sister, it’ll make you wish she was your twin.

Here are just some of the times these two sisters were total cuties:


1. The two always seem to have each others’ backs…sometimes literally

Oh my my! Look at my boys! ❤️#turkeydiaries??✨ #cappadocia #throwback

A post shared by AIMAN KHAN (@aimankhan.official) on


2. The two don’t miss a single opportunity to goof off


A post shared by AIMAN KHAN (@aimankhan.official) on


3. But there’s always the calm after the storm


A post shared by Minal Khan (@minalkhan.official) on


4. They manage to take the cutest selfies ever


5. And are with each other through thick, thin and celebrations

#Aineeb❤️ @studio86th

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6. The relationship they share is absolutely precious

Miss you already!

A post shared by AIMAN KHAN (@aimankhan.official) on


7. They look amazing at any point of the day


8. And keep giving us major sister goals, no matter what they do

Pretty ladies ? @minalkhan.official @aimankhan.official @minalkhan.official #aimankhan #aimankhan #minalkhan Credits @aimanminalfb

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9. So whether they’re being super formal


A post shared by Minal Khan (@minalkhan.official) on


1o. Or all-out casual, they’ll be sticking together

Nails day? #sistersister

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11. And keep proving to us that they’re the most normal pair of sisters out there

Major missing ❤️

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12. Who’s a better travel buddy than your own sister, eh?

Off to vacations!

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13. And who’s a better stronghold than her?

I missed you so much my better half ❤️

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14. Speaking of strongholds, just the way these two are with their family is the cutest thing ever

I don't have words to express what I feel for this picture❤️

A post shared by AIMAN KHAN (@aimankhan.official) on


15. Aiman and Minal are pretty much here to stay for a really really long time


16. And they’ve only brought us immense talent, greatness, and two amazing additions to our entertainment industry


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17. And we can’t wait to see them onscreen together, spreading as much joy as they do off of it


All in all, they are literally the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen of Pakistan. Both having garnered almost 6 million followers on social media, collectively. They’re absolutely talented, they’re gorgeous, and they’re actually, genuinely, inseparable

What’s your favorite twin moment from the two of them?


Cover image via: fashion360.pk

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