We Just Found Out What Ahmadis Do In Their Day To Day Lives And It's Insane

By Momina Mindeel | 15 Jul, 2017

What do Ahmadis do every single day?

Our deafening apathy when it comes to the brutality inflicted on the Ahmaddiya community is no new news. That’s something that has been going on for almost a 100 years. This time around, however, we try to look into the lives of the Ahmadi community themselves to gauge what it is that makes them so different and ‘un-worthy’ as compared to us – the worthy beings – that the violence against them just never seems to stop.

Here are some of the things that make them different from us:

1. Ahmadis wake up in the morning

Via: deenga

2. If they’re lazy like most of us, they’ll probably just stay in bed 

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3. Ahmadis eat; have breakfast, lunch and dinner etc. 

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4. Some of them might like to have brunch or supper too

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5. Ahmadis also go about their business everyday

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6. But if they are free, they go out and have fun

Go to restaurants, parks and stuff you know.

Via: Deenga

7. Ahmadis talk to each other, gossip maybe sometimes

Via: Deenga

8. Ahmadis also get bored

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9. They laugh, make jokes and experience emotions like anger, happiness, sadness etc.

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10. Ahmadis dream, both literally and figuratively

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11. If you compliment them, Ahmadis probably blush too 

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12. They shave/wax and shower too 

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13. Lastly, they spend most of their day on social media 

Just like you are doing, right now

Via: deenga.com

If it wasn’t clear until now, let me state very clearly that disputes on what they believe aside, they are humans just as much as you are. No one should be mistreated for what they believe.

Basically my point being, they’re human beings and should be treated the same way. Thank you so much!


What It’s Like To Be An Ahmadi Growing Up In Pakistan


Cover Image Via: MangoBaaz

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