Ahad Said Yes To Master Molty Foam!

By MangoBaaz Studio | 24 Jan, 2022

We love romcoms and we appreciate it, even more, when we see it unfolding through creative TVC concepts. Let’s cheer for Master Molty Foam who is keeping us entertained with their delightful TVCS with our favorite Sajal and Ahad Raza Mir. The third TVC installment brings good tidings, Ahad has finally been convinced by Sajal, we see the story evolving and we can’t get enough!

The Master Molty Foam story, if you haven’t seen it already, follows a young, relatable couple in everyday situations, and the brand key elements are cleverly knitted into their stories. The endorsement of the product and its attributes are done so naturally that it’s commendable.

The most recent TVC show how Ahad emphasizes the importance of fitness and eating healthy while also mentioning the current Keto fad. Sajal, like the smart genius she is, connects to the product, as she usually does. The plot twist, or may we say pleasant surprise, is that Ahad acknowledges. We do want to see more of them in the future but for now, they are happy and so are we!

And the internet is loving it too.

Source: @mastermoltyfoam / Instagram


Source: @moltyfoam / Twitter


Source: @mastermoltyfoam / Instagram

We feel moved by the TVC with the trust and reliability factor enough to be tempted for some home makeovers. Great timing too because wedding season is still going strong and what is better than gifting a long-lasting and durable product? Or, maybe just get rid of that old couch and entertain your friends with PSL match get-togethers on something comfy and worth your investment. We know that this brand never lets you down.

Master Molty Foam TVC is memorable and the concept has everything from amazing acting, good brand endorsement, and communication. We are actually looking forward to seeing where the story is heading. For now, you can watch it here.



This post is sponsored by Master Molty Foam!

Cover image via Master Molty Foam

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