Agha Ali Just Opened Up About His Break Up With Sarah Khan For The First Time

By Arslan Athar | 25 Feb, 2019

Early this month, Agha Ali’s Instagram post made waves since fans felt it was him telling them that he and Sarah Khan were no longer together. The couple had been a hot topic and it was widely believed that they were engaged to be wed. This is why the rather ambiguous post by Agha made people wonder was actually going on.

Agha recently made an appearance on a TV talk show, where the host very frankly asked him about his break up with Sarah. 

Agha started off by saying that he felt he owed it to his fans to give an explanation on what happened between him and Sarah. He talked about how, when relationships start, it seems like two people want the same thing but sometimes that turns out to be untrue, and they begin to drift apart.



On his relationship with Sarah currently, he says that he really respects her. 

He says that Sarah is a fantastic girl and that he has the utmost respect for her and her work. Agha also elaborates on how their breakup affected him. He talks about how he felt very isolated and alone, and that their relationship ending was very hard on him. He gives credit to his friends, who helped and supported him through this process.

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Agha also has a stern message for internet trolls. 

He starts off by thanking his ‘true’ fans for standing by him and supporting him through this tough time. Agha then goes on to address internet trolls and tells them clearly to ‘mind your own business.’ He appeals to them to realize the effects of their words on someone else. Lastly, he says that people need to realize that there is a limit to how much they comment on a celebrity’s life- they need to understand where they cross the line.


Some people sympathized with Agha. 

Source: Pakistan Media Lounge / Facebook


There was clearly confusion over whether or not they were married.

Source: Pakistan Media Lounge / Facebook


Source: Pakistan Media Lounge / Facebook


Clearly, there were some people who didn’t listen to Agha’s bit about haters and trolls. 

Source: Pakistan Media Lounge / Facebook


Source: Pakistan Media Lounge / Facebook


Of course, breakups are always sad and leave quite the mark on either person. Let’s hope that Agha and Sarah are truly able to move on and that this move works out for the better for both of them.

Watch the entire interview here.

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