If You Think You're Adventurous, You Need to Try These Activities in Pakistan

By Eamaan Arain | 21 Sep, 2015

Pakistan has an abundance of beautiful landscapes; that you all know. However, not many are aware that the country has to offer many, many activities besides eating out (especially now that Ayesha Mumtaz has shown us how eating out is not really a good activity).

If you have an adventurous bone in you and want to break away from the monotony of life, there are some of the thrilling things you can partake in that will add a bit more excitement and adventure to your life:


1. Paragliding

Source: Zimbio

Seeking an adventure that will give you a once in a lifetime experience? Well, wait no more! The breathtaking sights of Northern Pakistan offer extensive mountain ranges like the Himalayas and Hindukush that you could take in as you glide over them in your gear. Many clubs and adventure trip organizers can be contacted in order for a safe yet adventurous experience. There is even a Gliding Club of Pakistan, for those looking to get extensively involved.



2. Jet Skiing

Source: The News International

If speed is what thrills you, then you can’t miss the jet skiing. Offered at many places like the Khanpur Dam, near Taxila. The jet skis moving at blasting speeds and constantly pushing your limits aren’t for the faint-hearted. Book a trip today!


3. Skiing

Source: Jasmine Tours

Did you even know Pakistan has a full fledged ski resort? Yes, Malam Jabba in the Swat valley is home to Pakistan’s only ski resort. However, trips are also organized for Rattu, a small village in Astore district that is known for its snow sports offerings.


4. Rappelling

Source: Marie Claire

Test your physical strength by challenging yourself to rappelling – controlled descent off of a rock face using a rope and gear. Yes its tough, but not tougher than you, is it?


5. Mountain Trekking

Source: pakmetro.blogspot.com

Trekking is tough, but trekking on the mountainous, snowy peaks of some of the world’s highest mountain ranges in Northern Pakistan is the way to challenge your fear and give yourself a jolt of adrenaline. Make sure you go with proper equipment, you wouldn’t want yourself to be stuck midway because of something as silly as your shoes not being proper snow shoes, do you?


6. Rock Climbing

Source: rockclimbing.pk

Rock climbing requires remarkable agility and balance for one to succeed. Challenge yourself with some rock climbing adventures that you may find in parks and clubs across many big cities of the country, along with the obvious choice of the famous mountainous regions.


7. Archery

Source: Business Recorder

Archery is classy; something about it reminds one about the nobility of ancient times, doesn’t it? If you are the kind who like their targets locked under your watch, try your hand at this sport. To up the thrill level, maybe place an apple on top of someone’s head and try shooting without killing the poor soul under the apple (honestly, DON’T try that one!).


8. Fishing

Source: The News International

Nothing about fishing says “adventure”, right? Wrong! There is nothing more thrilling than catching your own food and then frying it up right there. Explore how it feels to be self-sufficient by trying your hands at fishing and getting closer to nature. It isn’t half as easy as it sounds so, best of luck!


9. Boating

Source: Ahsan Iqbal

Boating again, sounds more like a calming activity but that is not the case if you’re in Pakistan. Boat rides in Pakistan at venues like lake Saif ul Mulook are thrilling because of the thrilling journey to reach to such picturesque spots and then you get to experience such mesmerizing natural beauty as you go about in your boats.


10. Camping

Source: travelblog.org

Camping is a mainstay for adventure-seekers everywhere. For the novices, it can also be called the ‘gateway activity’ to becoming the adrenaline junkie you are so fascinated to become. Also, there’s no denying that there is a certain charm in being away from home and having to do all things by yourself.


11. Jeep Safaris

Source: Hunza Guide Pakistan

Safari rides are adventurous not because of the terrain(although that part is also taken care of with the rides offered in the Hunza valley) but because of close proximity to wildlife in their natural habitat. Just don’t be idiots and tease or hurt the poor animals!


12. Cable Cars

Source: pakimage

The ones in Patriata are especially close to your hearts because of childhood summer vacation memories, right? Well, a cable car ride is an amusing experience for you if you aren’t afraid of the heights and want to look at Pakistan through a different angle (pun intended).


13. Scuba Diving

Source: Express Tribune

Yes, scuba dive in Pakistan and get to see marine life, up close. Just like in the movies. The visually stunning underwater landscape off the coast of Karachi is a hot spot for scuba diving enthusiasts. Try your hand at it if you’re into adventurous water sports.


15.  River Rafting

Source: Karavan Leaders

Talking about water sports, now this is one heck of an adventure sport. It tests your limits with the fast flowing rivers, extremely close sharp rocks and edges and your raft threatening to overturn at any minute! Highly recommended for all those interested in taking things to the extreme.


16. Mountain Biking

Source: hunzaadventuretours.com.pk

This is a picture at Lake Saif ul Malook and those are some crazy, adventure-loving bikers! Coming down on that terrain, at blazing speeds can look extremely dangerous but if you survive, it truly provides for a thrilling experience.


17. Cliff Diving

Source: daikhlopakistan.com

If you survived every one of those other adventures and are still a little crazy in the head for more thrilling experience, try jumping off of a cliff. It may sound like something your mom would say to call out your crazy but trust us, it is THRILLING! Just do the proper dive and not a belly flop or you’ll be hurting a lot more than enjoying the experience 😛


Still think that there’s isn’t much to do in Pakistan?

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