LOL, Adiala Escape Is An Actual Game Where Imran Khan Chases Nawaz Sharif

By Bisma Rizwan | 16 Aug, 2018

These elections and the drama that led up to it probably have been the most celebrated and the most creative out there in Pakistani history. There have just been endless jokes, and endless trolling – and everyone’s been a victim.

From Jahangir Khan Tareen and his quest for independents

To Aamir Liaquat and well… 


But here’s something that beats them all.

Adiala Escape is an endless running video game developed by Gamepak Studios featuring two of the most crucial characters in Pakistan’s elections. 

Yep, Imran Khan chasing Nawaz Sharif while he tries to escape from Adiala Jail and collects money along the way.

Source: Adiala Escape / Gamepak Studios

And it’s just so addictive!

The best part about the game – its dialogues that pop up while you’re playing

Yeah, the signature, “Mujhay kyun nikala” and “Besharam aadmi! Tumharay baap ka paisa hai?”

Source: Adiala Escape / Gamepak Studios

Upon its release, the game was listed as the top trending casual game on Google Play Store and was ranked 3rd in the overall trending apps on the store.

We reached out to Gamepak Studios to ask about their inspiration behind the venture, and they told us:

“We’re a young game development startup by the name of Gamepak Studio and mostly make games for international clients. However, we believe that if we make something according to the trend it’ll always gain popularity.”

“With 14th August just around the corner, the team started brainstorming on what could be a good game for the occasion. We got numerous ideas but this one from CEO beat them all. With numerous games made on USA’s president, we thought to exploit Pakistan’s biggest and trending political rivalry should be it and hence Adiala Escape was born.”


The game’s even got a positive response from most people. After all, it’s super funny and addictive.

Most people seem to love the game! 

Source: Adiala Escape / Google Play Store

And the concept…

Source: Adiala Escape / Google Play Store

…pouring in all the suggestions to make it even better!

Source: Adiala Escape / Google Play Store

And they’re rooting for the Pakistani gaming industry to progress forwards and create more games like these.

Source: Adiala Escape / Google Play Store

Wanna give it a try? You can download it here and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.


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Cover image via Adiala Escape / Gamepak Studios

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