Actor Mohib Mirza Shared That He Doesn't Know Where His Daughter Is & Pakistanis Have Questions

By Sannia Bilal | 22 Jun, 2020

Mohib Mirza shared a mysterious message about his daughter

For quite some time now, we’ve known for a fact that celebrity couple Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh had parted ways after 14 years of marriage.


In a recent interview Mohib Mirza had revealed that he is no longer with his wife, fellow actor Aamina Sheikh

It’s important to acknowledge that the couple also welcomed a baby girl in 2015. Though, what we’ve understood regarding their divorce thus far, is that both the parties refrained from putting forth any public comments on the matter.



Well, this past weekend on Fathers’ Day, Mohid Mirza shared a message to his daughter and confused everyone

He said that he’s unaware of the whereabouts of his beloved daughter Meissa. In his post, Mohib said, he wished he knew where she was and  he prays and hopes to meet her soon. Along with the hashtag “the other side of the story”.


Whatever the speculations may have been regarding their split up, his post seems to be garnering a fair amount of sympathies for him.


For starters, there were people who didn’t even know Mohib Mirza was married or had a daughter

Via Instagram
Via Instagram


Others were confused what he meant by not knowing about her whereabouts

Via Instagram


Subsequently, sympathies came pouring in for Mohib Mirza and his longing for his daughter

Via Instagram
Via Instagram
Via Instagram


Some said, whatever the reasons for the end of his marriage and his separation from his daughter, a father should have access to his child

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Khair, we’re hopeful for positive developments to this story.

What do you think about Mohib’s post? Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: / @mohibmirza via Instagram

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