Actor Abid Ali's Daughter Just Accused His Second Wife Of Hiding His Body From His Family

By Sana Yasmeen | 6 Sep, 2019

Abid Ali’s daughter just shared a heartbreaking trouble his first family is facing

The death of veteran actor Abid Ali came as a severe shock. However, Late last night, a video of Rahma Ali, his daughter, spread on social media where she was seen crying and expressing grief at what she felt was a mistreatment by her step mother


Rahma Ali took to her Instagram to express her pain at what she felt was extremely disturbing actions of Abid Ali’s second wife, Rabia Abid Ali

Whilst still in tears, she says that she wants to tell the world about what Rabia Naureen, the second wife of late actor Abid Ali, has done. Apparently, She left the hospital with Abid Ali’s body and was not sharing the whereabouts with Rahma, her sisters and her mother.

Source: @rahmaaliofficial / Instagram

Rahma shared she was still at the hospital with her family and unaware about where to go. She states that she, her phupho, her phupha, her sisters and mother were still in the hospital feeling absolutely helpless because they had no idea where to go because they have no idea where the actor used to live with his second wife, either.


Rahma accused that Rabia, her step mother, said Abid Ali’s daughters can’t come to her place

Rahma continued that Rabia Naureen has told Abid Ali’s sister that “yeh aurtein un ke ghar nahe ja sakti and that she is also withholding details about the janaza from them.

“It’s like she’s taking him all over again”  Rahma Ali cried.

Source: @rahmaaliofficial / Instagram


The video has now been deleted from Rahma Ali’s Instagram because of  what “people started saying in the comments”

Source: RahmaAliOfficial/ Instagram

Soon however, Rahma’s sister, Iman Ali posted on her Instagram about the janaza details which makes people think all may be well, after all


The video by Abid Ali’s daughter is still circulating on social media

We, here at MangoBaaz hope for peace for the family and the dearly departed actor.


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