People Have Gone Fucking Apeshit Seeing Ahad With Mawra In The New “Aangan” Trailer And They Need To Calm Down

By Iman Zia | 27 Nov, 2018

Last night Hum Television released the fifth teaser of the highly anticipated drama ‘Aangan,’ keying in on Mawra Hocane and Ahad Raza Mir’s dynamic. The teaser gave us deeper insight into the complicated love story between Aaliya (Mawra) and Jamil (Ahad), and hinted a love triangle between them and Chammi (Sajal Aly). The teaser was fantastic, and while many lauded Ahad and Mawra’s fabulous chemistry, it’s created quite a stir for Ahad-Sajal fans.


The sizzling teaser unveiled the intense and passionate love story between characters Aliya and Jamil

Source: Hum Television Network


While previous teasers have been of depth, this particular one was by far the most profound

Source: Hum Television Network


While many commended Mawra for dipping her toes into such a riveting character…






Others felt victimised and betrayed over Ahad being shipped with another actress other than Sajal













A few fans got very emotional…

And others decided to not even watch ‘Aangan’ anymore


Us rn

Source: SYCO


A few rightfully said that Ahad will be starring with other actresses too, and that must be encouraged


Many took to the actress’s defence







Here’s the teaser


What do you guys think about the comments fans are making? Do you agree?


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