13 Important Lessons Aamir Khan Can Teach All Pakistani Actors

By Iman Zia | 9 Feb, 2017

Aamir Khan has had nothing short of a remarkable career. He’s got a number of feathers in his cap and is more than an actor; over the years he’s become a socialist, a philanthropist, a producer and a director. The industry has changed significantly in the past decade, yet Aamir Khan has still reigned at the top as one of the most successful actors in Indian cinema. 

So how does he do it? What tips can he give Pakistani actors? Here are 13 lessons from the King himself.

1.  Make movies that are relevant.

From the revolutionary Rang De Basanti to the heart-achingly gorgeous 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan has built an admirable palette of films. Also how can we forget films like Fanaa

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Taare Zameen Par

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Or the cult classic Dil Chahta Hai!

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2. Invest in your role like your life depends on it.

You’ll always see him out and about in a different avatar for a film. 

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More recently, remember his epic transformation for Dangal?

Source: UTV Motion Pictures


3. Give back to your society by helping discuss issues

Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate, is a platform that centered around social issues arising in India.

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4. And always remember equal rights.

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5. Keep it diverse to keep it from becoming boring.

From comedy, to sci-fi he’s done it all.

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6. Remember, it’s not just you. There’s a whole team that made you who you are.

He isn’t ever afraid of working in an ensemble cast and in fact thrives on it.

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7. Don’t be scared of playing the antagonist at times.

Remember 1947 Earth?

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8. Keep your personal life to yourself.

When Aamir came on Koffee With Karan with his Dangal costars, it was revealed how Aamir only has a few friends.

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9. Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness.

It’s a stellar strength.

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(and this wasn’t even for his own film).


10. And be open about your feelings. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

In an interview on Koffee With Karan he admitted to crying to the Dangal trailer…

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11. Entwining morals in all your stories. 

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12. Never EVER shy away from taking risks.

Lagaan for example, was a risk for Aamir Khan as a producer to take on. Although he loved the script, no one else did, and it was very difficult for him to come to a decision. Yet he went with his gut and pursued it, and we’re so glad that he did.

Source Youtube


13. Most of all, always follow your dreams.

He doesn’t mind compromising to achieve his dream, but never the dream itself.

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If you believe in yourself and are a kind person toward others, aal izz welllll!

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