17 Times This Pakistani Journalist Was The Funniest Thing Ever On Twitter

By Arslan Athar | 9 Feb, 2017

Pakistani twitter is by no means average. There are all kinds of crazy things happening over there. Amidst all this, there’s one account that stands above all others – Zarrar Khuhro.

Zarrar Khuhro throws shade like no one ever and boy oh boy does he speak the goddamn truth! We love him and his tweets so much that we decided to share his greatness with you, so here you are, bask in the sass that is Zarrar Khuhro.


1. That time he explained ‘strategic depth’

This dude asked

Zarrar answered, and we weren’t disappointed…


2. He loves his ‘fans’ a lot

This guy took the plunge…

Seriously though, why did you even mess with him?


3. Zarrar doesn’t like ‘bad’ words.

This happened

But Zarrar really took it to the next level


4. While we all pretend that we love “world peace”, Zarrar Khuhro is getting real AF


5. And this tweet is one to remember for life


6. Mr. Khuhro also throws serious some shade at his “enemies”


7. And he has opinions about the Karachi traffic jams


8. But sometimes he lets all his fame get to his head


9. He really does want to see the world burn


10. He’s always asking the important questions in life


11. And he’s just so eloquent


12. Zarrar isn’t just a journalist, he’s also a food critic

Finally a movement we can throw our weight behind.


13. And he sure can complain


14. He can smell nonsense from miles away

This happened in the world

and he wouldn’t have it!


15. Zarrar is a learned man, really


16. He also knows khatra when he sees it


17. Let’s just say he has interesting things to say, in interesting times


Keep your sass on, Mr. Khuhro because we’re very entertained by you.

Cover image via: Dawn News / zemtv.com

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