A Woman Who Accused Ali Zafar Is Now Apologizing But People Have So Many Questions

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 Sep, 2019

Even over a year after initial allegations the Ali Zafar harassment case is still developing.

Last year when Meesha Shafi came out with her allegations against Ali Zafar, a lot of people did not believe her until a few other women also joined in and claimed that they had had similar experiences or witnessed them. One of those women was Sofi, a Twitter user claiming to be based in the United States.

In her original tweet, Sofi claimed that she was working as an organizer for a fund raiser and had sent a girl to receive Ali Zafar but he allegedly tried to be inappropriate with her. And thus she knew he was someone capable of harassment.

However, soon after Sofi disappeared from Twitter and a lot of people suspected she was a fake account in the first place since no one really knew her. The additional information about the location and date of the incident that she provided fell apart since people brought contrary evidence of Ali Zafar’s whereabouts for the day she was talking about.


After making what were later claimed as false accusations against Ali Zafar the Twitter user has returned and is now apologizing to Ali

Now Sofi has returned claiming that she had been wrong to accuse Ali Zafar. She said she did not know the actual story and when Twitter users had told her about contrary facts, she deleted her accusation immediately.


She’s saying she returned to Twitter after deleting her last account to apologize, after a whole year


She addressed Ali Zafar and asked for his forgiveness


She stated that she was not doing this out of any fear or coercion but to clear her own conscience


People are raising questions about this apology being made by the accuser

But Sofi said that she had deactivated her account and decided to make it again only so that she could post this clarification.


People were convinced that this was a fake account and was being handled by someone else who was using the username to convince the public of their narrative


She further went on to say that she was keeping her anonymity due to dangerous threats she had been receiving from trolls

Her anonymous profile and no one knowing her personally merely add to the speculation that this is a fake account and we might never get clarity about this situation.

What do you think about this account’s authenticity and her retracting her accusation against Ali Zafar? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: geo.tv/@seraphina444 via Twitter

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