A Tribute To The Most Multi-Talented Man On The Internet

By Sarmad Amer | 15 Sep, 2016

Everyone strives hard for recognition from others, you work hard, you find something you’re good at, you stick with it and try to become the best in it… finally after years and years of struggling in your chosen path, you may become expert enough that others start to recognize your capabilities and begin to appreciate you.

However, there are some people who are so lucky that they instantly become the masters of anything they try their hands at. Our chosen personality right now is also one such expert who is a multi-talented man. This guy is a master of all trades. He is a king, he is also a Sultan, he is a President and also a Prime Minister. Basically, he is the best at anything and everything he does and the internet cannot stop appreciating him for his “skills”.


So… here is the most multi-talented man on the internet:


He is a business man who works hard

And he makes sure his secretaries work really hard too.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook

He is also a doctor with a cure for every problem

His patients really like the way he uses his thermometer.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


This multi-talented man is also a soldier ready to die for his country

He can tackle the enemy and make them pay for their evil plans.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook

And he is a cop who catches all the criminals

He sure knows how to make use of the police ka danda on naughty criminals.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook

This guy can even become a detective when needed

And he can find things in deep places not everyone cares to look inside.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


He also works as a brave firefighter 

And he can put out all kinds of fires.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


When he finds time he likes to wrestle

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


And he plans to go deep into space where no man has ever been before

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


He is invited to teach people about his incredible skills at so many professions

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


And he is also the chief planner to tackle with any zombie apocalypse

Maybe ‘The Walking Dead’ could use his help.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


Finally, while multi-tasking everything else, he somehow finds the time to be a Sultan

And he can rule with an iron fist.

Via: DSU TRolls/Facebook


The internet salutes you, dear sir. And your work is appreciated very hard by young men all around the world.


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