A Strange Creature Has Been Scaring People In Karachi And Could It Be Something Supernatural?

By Rimsha | 19 Jul, 2019

Reports of the sighting of a strange creature have been surfacing at the Sher Shah Kabari Market in Karachi and everyone is alarmed. This has spooked shopkeepers so much that they refused to stay at the market after Asr

This 5 feet tall, dark-colored creature, whose eyes glow in the dark like two tiny lights, was first seen by a guard named Gulzar. According to him, he had been on a night watch at the market when he heard dogs barking quite unusually. Gulzar then went to check what had happened and felt extremely weird. Serving as a guard at the market for 25 years, he had never felt this way. When he stepped further into the darkness he noticed a tall silhouette with shiny eyes.

Alarmed he fired at the silhouette and according to him, it jumped 20 feet into the air. Upon his second fire, the thing then jumped 8 feet and disappeared.

نئی موٹرسائیکل کی خواہش میں نوجوان نے خودکشی کی کوشش کی، اس واقعہ نے اسکی والدہ کی جان لے لی !

Gepostet von Ahmer Rehman Khan am Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2019

But Gulzar isn’t the only one who had an encounter with this supernatural being, 

Another guard named Abdul Qayyum has also reportedly seen the same creature. According to him the creature has really big ears and is extremely fast. When fired at, the creature seems to disappear into thin air, just as Gulzar said.

Source: Karachi- The City Of Lights/ Facebook

Locals think that this creature has been slaughtering animals too

So far 11 animals have been slaughtered which has frightened the whole area. According to the police station located nearby, reports of this mysterious creature are being submitted and a full investigation has been launched to get to the bottom of this situation.

Source: Ahmer Rehman Khan/ Facebook

I know this is pretty serious and all, but don’t y’all think it’s a bit…coincidental? Lately, the Area 51 memes have been doing rounds on the internet, ever since an event was organized, planning to raid Area 51 on the 15th of September. But, what if we’ve pissed the aliens off and they’re like, “LOL, let’s invade these losers right away?’

Think about it, a tall figure with glowing eyes? What else could it be?

This person’s thinking along the same lines…

This person has aptly named this incident

What do you guys think this creature is? Let us know in the comments!


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Cover image via dawnnews.tv

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