A Bahria University Student In Islamabad Committed Suicide Due To Alleged Discrimination On Campus

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Jul, 2019

A student at Bahria University committed suicide because of the alleged discrimination he faced.

News of a Bahria University student – Saqib Hussain – who was in the Electrical Engineering Department committing suicide has spread like wildfire on social media.

According to the posts on social media made by those claiming to have known Saqib, he committed suicide because of the constant discrimination he faced by being visibly Sindhi at Bahria University’s Islamabad campus.

In the note Saqib left behind, he allegedly mentioned the names of the two teachers who caused him the most amount of pain which led him to make the final decision to end his own life. According to tweets by several people, Saqib felt he was being discriminated against by his teachers because of his ethnicity.

He was failed 4 times in one subject by two teachers which he felt was unfair.

In his heartbreaking suicide note, he holds the university, and more specifically, his two teachers responsible for causing him to end his life. In his letter, he gives permission to post it on social media, and asks that no one say anything to his parents but blame Bahria University.

And now, people are demanding justice for the death of Saqib Hakro; whose only crime was allegedly being Sindhi.

Honestly, how many students will need to lose their lives before there is a major overhaul in the way institutions function? It’s high time institutes take a hard look at their own policies and behaviors towards students.

What do you think about Pakistani universities and how they treat students? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: @rehmman_saeed via Twitter.com/YouTube.com

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