Food Festivals Took Pakistan By A Storm This Winter And Here's A Quick Round-Up

By MangoBaaz Studio | 31 Dec, 2018

Celebrations were in the air for foodies all across Pakistan this winter. 7Up Foodies Festival took over Pakistan by a storm, hitting city to city this winter. Catering to thousands of people, the festivals offered a multitude of food, music and a whole lot of 7Up! It was so refreshing to see all the cities light up with crowds upon crowds lining up.

Sialkot was the first city to be rocked by the festival and hey, Sahara performed:

Source: 7Up Pakistan


Hyderabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad were next making it a triple whammy for the weekend.

Source: 7Up Pakistan

People danced, enjoyed good food and good vibes for the weekend.


And it was as good as it sounds.


More recently, Gujranwala and Sukkur also had their own foodies festivals ~

Look at the crowds, man!

Source: 7Up Pakistan


Of course, the food was to DIE FOR.

*sip sip*  

In the efforts to revive public spaces with cultural activities and events, this was truly an effort worth lauding. Here’s to hoping more festivals, events, concerts and performances take on smaller cities because there’s nothing quite like having something of this scale and magnitude come to a city near you.

7Up Foodies Festivals are set to take place in every major city of Pakistan! If you are a foodie who loves music, hangout with friends and family on the weekend, this is the perfect place for you. Next up, Lahore is about to be hit by the storm. Are you ready for it?

What do you think about the 7Up Foodies festivals taking over Pakistan. Did you attend any of them in your city? Looking forward to the festivals coming to a city near you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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