All The Things Never To Talk About With A Pakistani

All The Things Never To Talk About With A Pakistani

All The Things Never To Talk About With A Pakistani

Pakistani people are known for being passionate – sometimes maybe for wrong reasons but there’s no denying that we are a force to be reckoned with. There are, however, certain things we tend to get a little too passionate about so it’s better to leave those off the conversation checklist when talking to a Pakistani.



Yeah, we are a country founded on the very idea of practicing ones faith without fear but, boy oh boy, anything remotely to do with religion and every Pakistani has a passionate take based on their ‘understanding’.

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2. The Cricket Team After a Dismal Performance.

Don’t ever try to casually ask “hey saw the match last night” to a Pakistani after the green shirts played and lost. YES, they saw the match and NO, they don’t want to see your or anyone else’s face after that shitty over by Afridi.

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3. India’s booming economic growth in comparison to our dismal one.

Actually, anything about India just riles up Pakistani patriotism like nothing else. Just visit the flag lowering ceremony at Wagah to see with your own eyes.

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4. India, in general


5. Certain Karachi based “Political” Parties

Yeah, well… we are all scared of the body bags we might be found in so… not gonna say anything.

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6. S-E-X

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Don’t you even dare talk such scandalous things you sick gutter mouthed freak.

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7. Your ammi ke hath ka khana being better than anyone else’s.

Everyone has strong attachment to their mom’s cooking, even if they know their mom can’t actually cook to save her life. They still love the Africa shaped rotis she so lovingly makes. AND NO ONE’S MOM COOKS BETTER FOOD THAN MINE!

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7. The state of affairs.

If you’re looking for an oral thesis being read off of the top of their mind on the ‘Pakistani State: Challenges and Proposed Solutions to the Country’s Legal, Socio-Political and Geographic Complexities’ then sure, go ahead and talk to a Pakistani about the state of affairs of their country. If you’re looking to make small talk only then steer way clear of any such discussion.

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8. Women Empowerment


9. Malala Yousafzai


10. Lahore being better than Karachi and Islamabad





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