43 Things Only A LUMS Student Will Understand

By Sarmad Amer | 16 Sep, 2015

You truly get these things ONLY if you have ever been a student at LUMS.


1. What Godsend a place called “Khokha” can be.

Source; LUMS Tips

Do you miss those breaks?? Yes, you do!!! (Please forgive the irony with this being Image#1)


2. Smart cards

Source: Deep Shit at LUMS

Oh, the hassle if you lost yours!


3. Parking Woes

Source: Izza Tariq

The nightmare when someone blocks you, or worse, dents your car.


4. CP

Source: LUMS

a.k.a BS-fest!


5. Fighting through the crowds at Canotech/Gestetner/Officials/whatever its called now!



6. Sweating your pants about CAL 1, as a freshman

Source: Library of Lahore University of Management Sciences

or ECON 101.


7. Those giggling monsters in quiet labs

Source: LUMS MBA

8. Junaid Ahmed classes

Source: LUMS

… raise your hand if you were in LUMS through those lucky years 😛


9. Thriller Night

Source: Haaris Bin Akram

One of the few events that hasn’t found replication in literally every school or college of the country. And now it will… sigh.


10. This Guy

Source: Kernel Armur



11. Protests and Vigils and Walks

Source: Adil Najam

It started with one in 2007 during the Musharraf era Emergency, several protests later, the place now thrives on a politically aware (and digitally active) student body.


12. Batch Night Outs


Some things are better left to the imagination. Though, I have to say, this year has been a little disappointing, from what I’m hearing.


13. This guy’s phone number

Source: LUMSKhokha

Or rather his “distinguished” establishment’s, that you make late night runs to when freaking out over those deadlines.


14. Cribbing about the food at PDC

Source: Hasnain Lakhani

But still lining up on Fridays at lunch 😛


15. Elaichi chai, marlboro lights and Lahori fog

The unbeatable combo.

Source: Haris Ali


16. “Behind the Sports Complex”

Behind-Sports-ComplexSource: GoCip

There used to be lots of interesting “scenery” there, sadly not much of the same fun is left thanks to the Coca Cola Aquatic Center’s construction.



amsterdaaamSource: Pharan Tanveer

With more “grass” than the Dutch one.


18. Outside the library during Finals Week


19. Jammin’ never being as good as Hotspot or Gloria were

JamminSource: Jammin Jave Cafe LUMS

RIP, Hotspot, RIP Gloria. Inspite of all the wehshi screenings Jammin organizes, you will have a special place in our hearts.


20. Still being a little confused about which one is A16.

AcadBlockSource: Khizar Bajwa

Or A10 or A5 or A14 or frankly anyone of them. It’s a frickin’ maze!


21. The mystery that is the REDC and EDH

REDCSource: LUMS Snaps

This sounds better than REDC, anyway.


22. Academic Block

LUMSSource: Hassan Ali

And THE love it will remain no matter how many SSEs or SAHSOLs or SDSBs they build.


23. The torture that the RO was

ROSource: LUMS Memes

…until the process was overhauled (read: made more complicated) sometime in 2014.


24. Zambeel

ZambeelSource: LUMS Snaps

You’re a graduating senior and you need that course? Hahahahahahahaha…


25. Piling up in your dorm’s common rooms come summers

CommonRoomSource: Seemab Hassan


26. The show off vending machine

VendingSource: LUMS Snaps

They didn’t give drinks but kitties sure found a new home.


27. Using the Library for everything but studying

LibrarySource: Hiba Akbar

This particular activity being a hot favorite.


28. Ansar.

AnsarSource: LUMS Photographic Society

And his always cheerful face, no matter how over-worked he was or how late at night it was.


29. A LUMS Sunset

SunsetSource: Abeer Mustafa

Walking all the way to the hockey grounds and laying in the middle, watching the sun set behind the sports complex and “philosophizing” with your friends is what life is all about.


30. Strong DC IP


Anyone? Anyone!


31. Birthday celebrations

BirthdaySource: Izzah Zainab Via: LUMS Photographic Society

The most dreaded “celebration” being the one with anday. But that’s what makes for memories when you’ve long graduated and all you have is a lazy afternoon to sift through old pictures on Facebook.


32. Daaku Day

DaakusSource: Sobaan Ahmed Raja

And all the other senior year traditions, basically. And freshies, what’s with all the hate about it? You will ALL get your day, so shut up and enjoy the free showers.


33. These Windows

'Yaar, PDC windows ajo'

A photo posted by Pictureosophy-Danish Ali Latif (@pictureosophy) on

Now they’ve filled these up with monstrous eye soars a.k.a. barray barray gamlay.


34. Poondi Bench

Source: Ali Moeed



Source: Haaris Bin Akram

…and all the winter time concerts they bring!


36. Volley

Source: Sports at LUMS

Yes, there are other sports but the passion, even from audience, that volley brings out is incomparable, for some reason.


37. The Academic Block steps

Source: Saman Shafiq

…PDC side. Where it’s at, any time of day or night. Also known as ‘the airport’.


38. The Coca Cola Aquatic Center

… that exists only in rumors and on the “grape vine”.

Source: LUMS Memes

Apparently one is being constructed now.


39. The disaster that is Student Events

Source: New Yorker


40. The Cats

Source: Cats of LUMS

Love ’em or hate ’em you can never ever get rid of ’em!



Source: LUMS

Broke and hungry? Just show up at one of the many society events happening on campus at any given time.


42. That time when even Mazhar Chinoy failed

Source: Spotted at LUMS

The “world” is ever evolving.


43. Calling this place home for your four (or five, for the law peeps) years

Source: Wajiha Khuwaja


Here’s to having the privilege to call ourselves a “LUMINITE”, for life!

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