25 Indian Students Have Been Charged For Allegedly Waving Pakistan's Flag At A College Gathering

By Noor | 3 Sep, 2019

These Indian students just ran themselves straight into trouble

Following India’s revocation of Article 370, tensions are running high between the two South Asian nations laying claim on Kashmir – India and Pakistan. While India and Pakistan are witnessing another low in their relationship, the extreme steps by the Indian authorities highlight the element of hate not only in the Indo-Pak bond but also toward Muslims, in general.


Recently, the Indian police charged 25 students in the Indian state of Kerala for allegedly waving a Pakistani flag in a student gathering

It is being said, that as part of union election campaigning, students belonging to the Muslim Student Front (MSF) were carrying out a march which included waving a large green and white flag similar to that of Pakistan.

Source: indiatoday.in


According to news reports, the Indian students claimed that they had waved the MSF flag but its large size had caused confusion

It is being advocated by the student organization that the error was due to a printing error and their negligence that they weren’t able to spot it.

Source: TIMES NOW/ YouTube

While talking to an Indian publication, a member of the student organization said, “They [students] did not properly inspect the flag after printing. Our flag has two equal halves of white and green with MSF marked at the white portion. But this flag was out of proportion making it look similar to the Pakistani flag.”

Indian Police have booked the students under several sections of the Indian penal code. They have said that they are investigating the identity of the students have found nothing suspicious so far while investigating the background of the students.


After watching the video, a lot of people assumed that these Indian students in Kerala wished to merge into Pakistan


Indians urged the government to send the students to Pakistan and demanded that their passports and identity documents should be canceled urgently


A few rightly pointed out that the Indian media is to be blamed for blowing the things out of proportion

They explained that the printing mistake along with the reversed angle of flag caused the misinterpretation.


Here’s the video of the flag being waved at the event

So do you think that the Indian students really did wave Pakistan’s flag or was it just a camera angle mistake? Sound off in the comments below.


Indians Allegedly Painted The Pakistani Flag On A Road And Pakistanis Are Trolling Them For Getting It Wrong


Cover image via: indiatoday.in

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