Just 23 Hilarious Poems By “Rupi Kaur” On Relationships That Will Help You Through Your Breakup

By Biya Haq | 11 Apr, 2019

All these fake Rupi Kaur poems are HIARIOUS


Rupi Kaur is our generation’s Rumi.

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LOL, not really but everyone on Instagram loves her work

Mulahiza farmaiye:

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🦋🦋🦋 page 87 from #thesunandherflowers

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The wildly successful 26-year old poet found her claim to fame when she published her book of short reflective poems titled ‘Milk and Honey.’ You may have heard of it. Since then she has also published her second book, ‘The Sun and Her Flowers.’

Kaur’s poetry is probably one of the most retweeted, Insta-storied and caption referenced poems of all time. She is the ultimate poet of social media and the world knows it.

Kaur’s poetry has a very specific kind of format. Her short and abrupt prose is impactful, however, leaves plenty of room for some mischief to be had. People all over the world use her name to coin together their own version of her poetry and honestly, it can be pretty fucking hilarious.


So instead of giving you some emotional advice on dealing with your relationship, we thought we’d give you some good fan-made ‘Rupi Kaur’ poetry to help you out.



 Shoutout to Bio kids.

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Sometimes you just don’t belong together.

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Nokia, saving hearts one tweet at a time.

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Ok, but who wants daal chaawal over biryani?

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Whose mom wrote this?

(Also, not about relationships but it was too good not to share.)

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Paratha for life

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This is quite reasonable I think


And finally, we are so sorry about this Rupi but like, thanks for the laughs

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Do you have any other “Rupi” poems you can share? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.


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